Friday Freebie – Clyde Von Klaus

CLYDE VON KLAUS – MOONBEAMS Another Friday Freebie today… It’s that album that made the December 2021 Doom Charts and with it come ten tracks that meander through the heavy landscape like a hobo on mushrooms. CLYDE VON KLAUS brings us Moonbeams, filled with psychedelic garage, punky stoner and doomy grunge. Indeed, and all served […]

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Friday Freebie – Supernaughty

SUPERNAUGHTY – TEMPLE We’ve been honored to share bandcamp codes for SUPERNAUGHTY‘s TEMPLE album when it was released back around May 2020. And now that Argonauta Records is releasing it on vinyl; we’ve been graced with yet another set of 50 codes… SUPERNAUGHTY are four old-school rockers raised in the coastal city of Livorno, Italy. […]

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Friday Freebie – Dungeon Weed

DUNGEON WEED – THE EYE OF THE ICOSAHEDRON It’s Friday! Apparently… Cause personally, I do not know what time or what day it is… I’m recovering from a bad Covid infection and am seriously struggling with keeping my eyes open and looking at the screen. But that’s nothing a little DUNGEON WEED might cure! Right?! […]

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Friday Freebie – Sleepwulf

Another Friday Freebie for all those dedicated to all that’s good and heavy! And all SLEEPWULF‘s new Sunbeams Curl is all that’s good and heavy! They did not come in Second place on the February Doom Charts for nothing! Did you read what Captain Beyond Zen had to say about the album? If not, here […]

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Friday Freebie – Blind Tendril

It’s Friday somewhere… So, let’s have ourselves a Bandcamp Friday… A Friday Freebie! BLIND TENDRIL – α The album ranked high on the Year-End-Lists of many of the Doom Charts Contributors; Doktor420 had it on Number 2 as well as Ioannis Valiakos, it featured proudly on The General‘s list and reached the 75th spot on […]

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Friday Freebie – MrVampire

MRVAMPIRE – FANTASTICO The Final Friday Freebie of today… And it’s FANTASTICO! It drops today! Indeed, a Friday Freebie on the day of release for the new MRVAMPIRE release Fantastico! Out on Bent Knee Records the EP sports five brand new tracks. “Forged in the fires of the West Los Angeles arts scene, MRVAMPIRE is […]

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Friday Freebie – Chipper

CHIPPER – Self Patrón We’re on the FIFTH Friday Freebie of today… How many more? Well… You’ll see! But first… Greek hard rockers CHIPPER is a band founded in 2017. Searching aggressive paths to find their sound, the band has been heavily influenced by Stoner Rock, Hard Rock and Rock n Roll genres, continuing to […]

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Friday Freebie – Moth66

MOTH66 – LXVI Number four of this run of Friday Freebies… Hope you managed to grab one so far; but if not… There’s more to come! MOTH66 is a one-man hard rock project from Flint, MI. Combining elements of stoner and fuzz rock with heavy psych, punk, and blues, Moth66’s debut album LXVI takes you […]

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