The Doom Charts. We are a small group of absolute music fiends. Nerds. Crazies. Outsiders. Addicts. We need to get our fix often, daily, probably hourly or more. And when we get a righteous fix we differ from the regular junkie, cause we love to share our junk. We live to relate our highs and lows of this dependency. Euphoria, hallucinations, ghostly nocturnal wanderings and strange sexual encounters. The quest to ease our hunger for the needle, the groove, the bass, the riff, the drum is endless. The Doom Charts collects our dark, twisted and powerful addictions. We hope the Doom Charts caters to all the music lovers with this peculiar special taste out there. The taste for something HEAVY, which is not much represented elsewhere. We find aid and succor among our fellow fiends and try to drag everyone else down with us…

Into the deep and heavy underground…

Who and how many contribute to the Doom Charts?

A) There is a large group of about 80 people involved with the Doom Charts. Not all of them to the same degree. Look at the bottom for the regular contributors.

How do you work out the Doom Charts – is there a method?

A) The more an album is voted for – the more points it gets. Kinda simple but it works.

How do the contributors find out about the bands & albums they put in their lists?

A) The same as you! Hunting around Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and blogs/sites. Bandmates, friends, relatives and crazy freaks in dusty alleyways scream and rant about their favorite bands; and we listen. Apart from that we hear from the artists themselves, their labels or promoters.

Why is it called the Doom Charts if it’s not just about doom?

A) The Doom Charts is just a title we came up with when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. It was simple, efficient and had a certain ring to it. The content within is not tied to a genre at all. It can vary from Doom, Metal, Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Black Metal, Sludge, Psychedelic Rock, Drone and everything in between. It usually has some sort of HEAVY element though, in some form. It’s a matter of what the contributors are listening to and digging at that moment in time.

Are contributors paid?

A) Nope

How do you submit your album for consideration?

A) Click here to submit your album – or to the various contributing websites, blogs and other outlets themselves. Most of them will get the album if you send it to the email just mentioned though. Also, just do what you do getting word out across social media, engage PR to help you spread the word if you want, or get your friends to help with that.

Who can submit albums?

A) Anyone. As long as you have produced an album, EP or single you can send it along for consideration.

Does submitting an album guarantee it will make the charts?

A) No… It depends on the amount of people that actually get time to listen to it, and if they dig it (and how much they dig it!). As mentioned before, we have a contributing pool of people. Those people vote according to their own personal taste and preference. Some albums will get voted for a lot and some too little to make the list of 25, that month. Who knows what happens the month after…

Will all the contributors listen to it?

A) The simple answer is NO. With such a vast amount of albums to review and the diverse listening tastes represented here, there is no guarantee that everyone will listen to every submission. But if it is good, great or brilliant it will always rise above the rest of the field. Don’t you agree?

Do submissions from labels/PR firms get preferential treatment?

A) Nope.