Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio and podcasters, album reviewers from the doom-stoner underground around the globe. Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom-sludge metal and stoner-psychedelic rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below. This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world.

Bands, labels & PR reps:

Please send album submissions via this page or better yet to the individual blogs & websites. For the Doom Charts do not review themselves, they just blurb about the ones that make the list that month…

Contributors past and present to The Doom Chart:

A.S. Van Dorston (Fast n’ Bulbous); Bill Goodman (The Evil Engineer); Billy Goate (Doomed & Stoned); Blasting D (Blasting Days);  Bryan Coffey (Indy Metal Vault); Bucky Brown (The Ripple Effect); Cam Crichton (Motherslug); Chris Latta (Indy Metal Vault); Clint (Hand of Doom Radio); Doktor420 (Stoner HiVeThe Sludgelord); Doombeard (DoomBeardZine); Double A Doom (The Sludgelord); Emmit (wonderock.com); Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist); Gram Pola (Dirty Denim); Ian Gerber (WTF is Stoner Rock?); Jason Roach (Indy Metal Vault); Jenna Talia (Stoner HiVeThe Sludgelord); Joe Eldridge (Shadebeast Records) Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe); Leanne Ridgeway (Doomed & Stoned, Riff Relevant); LK Ultra (You May Be Dead & Dreaming); Lyk (Phantasmagoria); Marcus Greybeard Pruisner (FuzzHeavy); Mari Knox Knox (Doomed & Stoned); Martin Petrov (Rawk’n’Roll – the ‘pass-me-that-bottle’ webzine); Melissa (Doomed & Stoned); MeteorJadd (The Ripple Effect); Mr. Fuzz (More Fuzz); Pat Harrington (The Electric Beard of Doom); Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker (Taste Nation, Riff Relevant), Paul Rote (Doomed & Stoned); Rod Reinhardt (Captain Beyond Zen); Skip (Ride With the Devil); Soggy Bob (Soggy Bog of Doom); Steve Howe (The Sludgelord); Steve Miller (Vertical Chamber Apparatus); Steve Woodier (Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly); Tony Maim (Stoner HiVe); Ulla Roschat (Wicked Lady); and Vasilis Durden (All the Heavy Lifting).



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  1. Any plans on doing a facebook page? Or is it possible to subscribe in a newsletter? I will like to stay tuned with the site every month!


    1. No facebook page plans in the works at the moment, but I’d never say never. You’ll notice in the top lefthand corner of the toolbar is a “follow” button, you can click on that and get all doomcharts posts emailed to you.


  2. I’ll keep it short: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for putting these charts together every month. I frankly don’t care about the rankings, but I do appreciate the fact that you/this site brought so many bands/artists on to my radar screen that were new to me. This is my one stop shop to check out new doom material, so yes, thanks again!


    1. We are doing the monthly at the end of the month. We ended the year with the best of and decided it made more sense to do the January list at the end of January beginning of February to highlight the best of January. Make sense. We didn’t really skip a month. Thanks for reading.


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