Christmas Freebie – Stone Nomads

STONE NOMADS – FIELDS OF DOOM We’re celebrating Christmas somewhere in Houston, Texas now… Cause we’re rocking out to the FIELDS OF DOOM album by STONE NOMADS. Metal, Sludge, Doom, Stoner and all that you will need to get through these holidays without going berserk on the tree… Making the August Edition on Spot 8… […]

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Christmas Freebie – Mezzoa

MEZZOA – DUNES OF MARS Happy holidays!!! Did you look in the stockings yet? Or are you still unpacking all that good stuff under the tree? In one of those spots you will be able to find and rock out to the new DUNES OF MARS album by MEZZOA! Back in September Peroration Post Rich […]

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Christmas Freebie – Sönus

SÖNUS – USURPER OF THE UNIVERSE It’s time to open yet another present… Release back in February, it featured righteously on the Number 8 spot of that months’ edition. We’re talking about USURPER OF THE UNIVERSE by SÖNUS! Doktor420 wrote: “Back to the Rööts! Multi-Instrumentalist David Wachsman invites to a drug drenched trip through the […]

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Christmas Freebie – Hebi Katana

HEBI KATANA – ARGONAUTA LIVE SESSIONS 2022 Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Christmas time, there’s no need… Yikes, darkness lurks when you start singing along with the rest of that song, and thinking about the state of the world, humanity and society. And perhaps we should not go there now. But please, do remember, wherever you […]

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Doom Charts – November 2022

“I see The Doom Charts…” “In your dreams? While you’re awake? How often do you see them?” “All the time. They’re everywhere…” I see The Doom Charts… But luckily we see them only once a month. On the First Friday of every month, the new edition of the Doom Charts go up. It doesn’t feel […]

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Thammuz Thursday

THAMMUZ – SONS OF THE OCCULT Welcome to the one and only and probably the only one to ever exist… It’s THAMMUZ Thursday! A world wide day of celebrations for that rocking foursome from the Netherlands called THAMMUZ. And this time around we celebrate that world wide holiday with some FREE codes for that kick […]

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