Friday Freebie – Santo Rostro

SANTO ROSTRO – DESPUÉS NO HABRÁ NADA It’s still Friday and it’s been a week since SANTO ROSTRO ‘s amazing new album Después No Habrá Nada was released on the multitude of labels. Discos Macarras Records, LaRubiaProducciones and Spinda Records did the right thing by making this one happen, for it’s one hell of a […]

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Friday Freebie – Mother Root

MOTHER ROOT – CLAMOUR OF SOULS Up next is MOTHER ROOT and their CLAMOUR OF SOULS release. Two brothers, four tracks, featuring guitar, percusion and vocals. Metal, doom, sludge, stoner and pure all out heaviness! With a definite love for grunge and punk… And clamour! Frazer Jones said: “Four tracks of gnarly assed grooviness delivered […]

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Friday Freebie – Deer Lord

DEER LORD – DARK MATTER PT.1 It’s Friday! And it’s time for the January Peroration Post, cause next Friday will be the first of the new month and that’s when the all new Regular February Doom Charts edition goes live. But before we get to that Peroration Post, let us wet our heavy whistle with […]

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Friday Freebie – Caracara

CARACARA – VAGRANT WITNESS CANTOS A final Friday Freebie is brought to you courtesy of Olde Magick Records and that awesome CARACARA! It’s their VAGRANT WITNESS CANTOS which reached the 11th spot of the December 2022 Doom Charts! Frazer Jones wrote: “Four epic sized tomes of heavy rock tinted with elements of doom, psych and […]

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Friday Freebie – Lord Mountain

LORD MOUNTAIN – THE OATH It’s still Friday… So, here’s a third Friday Freebie for today… The album came in on the second spot of the January Doom Charts of 2023. We’re talking about that wild THE OATH album by the four from Santa Rosa, California called LORD MOUNTAIN! And thanks to King Volume Records […]

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Friday Freebie – Misty Route

MISTY ROUTE – WITHOUT A TRACE For this second Friday Freebie we travel towards one of the definite Heavy Hotspots… And yes, there are so many hotspots across the globe for all our styles of heavy rock, that we would like to assume the Heavy Underground is coming topside. Is it? Anyway… When it’s from […]

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Friday Freebie – WARP

WARP – BOUND BY GRAVITY A Friday Freebie on the day the new regular Edition of the Doom Charts goes live? Are you nuts?! Yes, we are! But you already knew that… And yes, we are three, four times, double nuts… About heavy rock! About WARP! About WARP‘s new album BOUND BY GRAVITY! The Tel […]

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Friday Freebie – Cavem3n

CAVEM3N – A PREHISTORIC ANTHOLOGY Sure thing, that December Peroration Post will go up today! And perhaps another Freebie? Or two? Either way, we’ve got more in store! And after that, we continue on with the Personal Favorites Lists! Released August 2022, these ten tracks are a collection of earlier released EP’s … Andy Kovalcik […]

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