Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Matt Hartnett

Joining the Doom Charts in October was Aftershocks TV‘s very own Matt Hartnett! Immediately providing blurbs for the November Peroration Post. ABRAMS and INCOGNITO THEORY were the lucky bands getting his words of wisdom back then. Did those two make his final list of twenty albums? His absolute favorites albums of the past year? Let’s find out!

  1. Geezer- ‘Stoned Blues Machine’

  1. Abrams- ‘In The Dark’

  1. Freedom Hawk- ‘Take All You Can’

  1. Cassius King- ‘Dread The Dawn’

  1. Incognito Theory- ‘The Brotherhood’

  1. Red Sun Atacama- ‘Darwin’

  1. Grave Bathers- ‘Rock-N-Roll Fetish’

  1. Mirror Queen- ‘Inviolate’

  1. Limousine Beach- ’S/T’

  1. Warlung- ‘Vulture’s Paradise’

  1. Deadeye Navigator- ‘Retronoid’

  1. Wo Fat- ‘The Singularity’

  1. Mezzoa – ‘Dunes Of Mars’

  1. The Red Mountain- ‘Alpha’

  1. Sonic Flower- ‘Me and My Bell Bottom Blues’

  1. The Otolith- ‘Folium Limina’

  1. Pist-On- ‘Cold World’

  1. Sea Of Snakes- ‘The Serpent & The Lamb’

  1. Stone Nomads- ‘Fields Of Doom’

  1. Baardvader- ‘Foolish Fires’


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