Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Scott Spiers

We’d been seeing that CleanAndSoberStoner site doing wonderful things and were wondering if the man behind it would be interested in joining the Doom Charts ranks… And then, suddenly, he was there! Scott Spiers!! He’s only been with us for a month, but he immediately jumped at the chance to deliver his list of favorite albums in fine form and with great blurbs! Setting the bar high for himself for all those next regular Doom Charts editions to come… Ho ho ho! Go read those first words by Scott and see what he has been digging during 2022!

“In August, my beloved Newbie-Doomer asked me what my goal for my site was. I think I shrugged. She asked, “How about getting on the Doom Charts?” I’m pretty sure the coffee I was drinking came out of my nose. I waved her off with a “yeah, right.”

An old friend I knew from my days at Head-Fi visited the Other Metal Thread: No Blastbeat Metal Zone, read something I wrote. I hadn’t chatted with Tony (Fast ‘n Bulbous) in a long time, probably years. The next thing I knew, I had an invitation and a recommendation to talk to Joop, who, it turns out, had been chatting with me for a while. Oh, that Joop…

So here I am, still in that “gosh golly” phase. THE source for all information on new bands, the one thing I wait for every single month. The people I’ve looked up to for years: the best writers in the biz and the best bands to ever stomp the terra.

And my goofy shit. The Universe has a strange sense of humor…”

25. AAWKS-Heavy on the Cosmic

25th? Hard to take that placement seriously. AAWKS combine their vast knowledge of all sorts of genres and throw them together in a heady mix of…whatever they want to call it. For many people, this is easily a Top 10, and deservedly so.

24. Tona-Tona

If any band is going to win the award for “most overlooked,” I think it’s Tona. Not only is everything perfect, but it’s also perfectly unexpected. Do not take my word for it: click the link, check it out, and pray they record a follow-up.

23. Fostermother-The Ocean

2022 didn’t start out great for me- I didn’t even listen to anything until February. The Ocean is what got me listening again.

22. Ufomammut-Fenice

Not everything Ufomammut does gets my blood pumping, and I think even they decided to call it quits a few years ago. New drummer, new passion, and an absolute return to form.

21. The Necromancers-Where the Void Rose

Man, I fricking love where this band went, especially with the addition of Basile on vocals. Still on heavy rotation here at Headquarters.

20. Grave Next Door-Sanctified Heathen

(Bandcamp Link Pending)

In my review I got a bit…blunt. But Sanctified Heathen is a stone-cold classic, no matter the imperfections. I’m still lobbying, HARD, for a live version of these songs. Just listen to Heavy in Texas if you need convincing.

19. Pariahlord-Vultures

Like Tona, I missed these guys until they said, “hi.” Not your typical lazy, sometimes hazy Stoner. Great stuff! (This link goes to their 2020 Embrace The Misery album, we hope they upload Vultures on Bandcamp soon.)

18. Godless Suns-Godless Suns

I’m a total sucker for ambitious concept albums. Especially when they come from three earnest, down-to-earth people who come across like someone I want to split a pizza with and binge-watch Dark.

17. Righteous Fool-Righteous Fool

There’s respect, and then there’s RESPECT. For a brief moment, this was one of the best bands on the planet. At least we have this gem to remember what could have been.

16. Desert Wave-Deafening Silence

“Desert Wave love and adore stoner/doom and heavy psych. There’s a celebratory, almost joyous bliss on most of this album that’s infectious and engaging. On the parts where that’s not apparent, it’s the sound of a band almost asking, “is it okay if we do this?” I don’t mean it in a bad way; it’s more like they’re not entirely sure if we love this stuff as much as they do.” Yeah, we do!

15. HolyRoller-Swimming with Witches

True story: a couple of weeks ago, I listened to Swimming With Witches just before I had to crash for the night. 2 hours later, I still couldn’t fall asleep. Now, that’s RAWK!!!

14. Frayle-Skin & Sorrow

I’ve always liked Frayle, but always expected more. Skin & Sorrow is definitely more. Meticulously crafted and executed: while more mainstream bands and influencers pose, Frayle is the real thing. It’s just a matter of time before a wider culture picks up on this…

13. Telekinetic Yeti- Primordal

Guitar and drums, how heavy can it be? This one’s like eating a 7-Pot Douglah chili pepper when you’re expecting a Jalapeno. Which is no fun when you don’t know what a 7-Pot is, but ecstasy once you get a taste for it.

12. Behold! the Monolith-From the Fathomless Deep

Definitely on the heavier side of 2022, and just when I needed it. Pulverizing and glorious at the same time, like eating a Ghost Pepper- you gotta work your way up to this kind of heat.

11. Faetooth-Remnants of the Vessel

This is just a perfect debut that should set them up nicely. The impeccable production highlighted the flawless musicianship and writing…perfectly. The momentum of this album will probably build for a while and one to go back to over and over.

10. Ruby the Hatchet-Fear is a Cruel Master

My tenth #1 pick, this album opened my ears and heart to good ol’-fashioned hard rock in a way I haven’t experienced since Toys in the Attic or Rocks. Doom-adjacent brilliance!

9. Wo Fat-The Singularity

Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Earthless. I’m sticking to it.

8. Vitskär Süden-The Faceless King

There is nothing “eighth place” about this release, and it won’t surprise me if this is the actual #1 when I look back on this in a few years. Don’t let this ranking fool you: if you haven’t heard this, and you love epic storytelling without Power Metal cheesiness, this is a must-listen. You need to hear this, even if you’re a Maroon 5 fan.

7. Besvärjelsen-Atlas

One of the most anticipated releases for me, and it didn’t disappoint. They downed the Doom a bit, and it worked. Great writing that matched the performances, Besvärjelsen have exceeded the potential I heard on Valmo.

6. Steak-Acute Mania

This really is my sixth #1 album of the year. The mood Steak creates is exceptional, with not a note wasted or a feeling ignored. There’s simply no way I can state that any release this year is better than this one.

5. King Buffalo-Regenerator

Another perfect album featuring the unmistakable style of King Buffalo, feeling and sounding familiar and new at the same time. For those of us who know, has any band defined the pandemic-era more meaningfully?

4. Elder-Innate Passage

It feels strange not having Elder at #1. But considering they’re officially on my Mount Rushmore of greatest bands of all time, I think they can take the hit.

3. Messa-Close

No band has moved “Doom” forward more than Messa. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this album, and I’m not quite there yet. Mesmerizing, exciting, challenging and amazing.

2. Sergeant Thunderhoof-This Sceptered Veil

Sweeping, majestic, awe-inspiring. Sergeant Thunderhoof is mind-bogglingly good. One of the best of the year, decade, and probably the century.

1. MWWB-The Harvest

I did not expect this from MWWB, which may be even harder to say than Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Regardless, when I put this on, I’m transported to another place, another time. I can’t pay attention to anything else, and it still leaves me breathless. I get so lost I even forgot to put it on my unofficial list back in December. My clear and decisive #1 of the year

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