Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Jonny Pirie

What time is it? What hour is it? It’s the Hour Of The Riff! “An hour of riffs, covering new releases, classics and the general goings on in the stoner rock scene…” Brought to you by the honorable Jonny Pirie! More than 300 episodes strong already and here’s us hoping for more than 300 more!! Below is his list of favorite twenty albums of 2022 and they will deliver hours and hours of heavy riffs!

20. Grin – Phantom Knocks

19. Phiasco – Kessel

18. Surf Through Death – II

17. Deadly Vipers – Low City Drone

16. Aawks – Heavy On The Cosmic

15. Robot God – World’s Collide

14. Psychlona – Palo Verde

13. Grave Bathers – Rock N Roll Fetish

12. Gaupa – Myriad

11. King Buffalo – Regenerator

10. Samavayo – Payan

9. Besvarjelsen – Atlas

8. Mammoth Volume – The Cursed That Worship The Larvagod Rites

7. Red Sun Atacama – Darwin

6. Gnome – King

5. Geezer – Stoned Blues Machine

4. Valley Of The Sun – The Chariot

3. Druids – Shadow Work

2. Deadeye Navigator – Retronoid

1. Messa – Close

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