Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Doktor420

It’s the good Doktor420’s Personal Top 25 of 2022. The list went up on Stoner HiVe a week or more ago (where you will also be able see a giant list of bands that also deserve a spot on his list) and is published here once again. He’s the original Guru, the name giver of Stoner HiVe and the ever present StonerRock presence somewhere; if you know where, you know where and you will know him. He was there before most of all this online stuff got started, you know, back before social media, when we had to make due with forums and bulletinboards… and joined the Doom Charts Contributors in January 2015. Responsible for all the cool Peroration images and for making sure instrumental, pyschedelic and kraut rock gets more attention! Just check out his list of Favorite albums of 2022! Take his medicine, and you will be sure to soar through the cosmos…

1.King Buffalo – Regenerator

2.Desert Wave – Deafening Silence

3.Psychlona – Palo Verde

4.Elder – Innate Passage

5.Korb – III

6.Electric Yawn – YTINASNiNSIGHT

7.Sweet Cobra – Threes

8.Papir – 7

9.Naxatras – IV

10.Kombynat Robotron – Dickfehler Studio Treffen II

11.Red Sun Atacama – D A R W I N

12.Odonata – Gravitational Perturbation

13.Swell Fellas – Novaturia

14.Thammuz – Sons Of The Occult

15.Samavayo – Payan

16.Dead Meadow – Force Form Free

17.Sergeant Thunderhoof – The Screpted Veil

18.Wo Fat – The Singularity

19.Somali Yacht Club – The Space

20.Half Gramme of Soma – Slip Through the Cracks

21.Charley No Face – Eleven Thousand Volts

22.High Noon Kahuna – Killing Spree

23.Pariahlord – Vultures

24.Liquid Earth – Teufelskreis

25.Kanaan – Diversions Vol. 1 Softly Through Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Doktor420

  1. This is my favorite of the best of 2022 lists. Kudos to Doktor420. This shit is dope. Thank you for giving me my listening list for the next week or so!


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