Doom Chart Countdown July 2018

The Doomed & Stoned Show presents the monthly DOOM CHART COUNTDOWN, with host Billy Goate, curator at Doomed & Stoned, joined by guest host Bucky Brown from The Ripple Effect. Together, they discuss the albums that landed in the Top 25 for the month of July here at the Doom Charts, including new music by Alice in Chains, ASG, Backwoods Payback, Black Elephant, Bongripper, Drug Cult, Fire Down Below, Forming The Void, Great Electric Quest, Haunted, Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows, Kaiser, Khemmis, Kingnomad, La Chinga, Lucifer, Orange Goblin, Seedy Jeezus, Red Sun Atacama, Saint Karloff, Shrooms Circle, Sleep, Spaceslug, SVVAMP, 1968, and Yob.

If you dig the tunes, please show the bands some love! Info on each album here at Doom Charts.

Art: Adam Burke


Listen Here

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