D&S Day 1 Preview – Psycho Las Vegas

This week, the Doomed & Stoned Show gives us a preview of Psycho Las Vegas ’18, beginning with Day 1. From the eyes and ears of our own Billy Goate and Bucky Brown, listen in as they discuss the bands on the bill and who they are excited to see, filled in by songs from many of the bands attending the festival.
Psycho-Las-Vegas-2018 1

Psycho-Las-Vegas-2018 2


1. Mutoid Man – “Melt Your Mind”
2. HOST SEGMENT I (Pre-Fest Pool Party)
3. Haunt – “Burst Into Flame”
4. Toke – “Weight Of The World”
5. Fireball Ministry – “Dying Win”
6. Dengue Fever – “Clipped Wings”
7. HOST SEGMENT II (The Joint Stage)
8. DVNE – “When Planets Die”
9. Lucifer – “California Son”
10. Church of Misery – “Doctor Death”
11. Boris – “Memento Man”
12. High on Fire – “Electric Messiah”
13. Witchcraft – “Deconstruction”
14. HOST SEGMENT III (Vinyl Stage)
15. Night Horse – “Come Down Halo”
16. The Munsens – “Dirge (For Those Who Come)”
17. Temple of Void – “Rot In Solitude”
18. Aseethe – “Into The Sun (Part I)”
19. Disasteroid – “I Didn’t Kill Myself”
20. HOST SEGMENT IV (Paradise Pool Stage)
21. Weedeater – “God Luck & Good Speed”
22. Acid Witch – “Stoned To The Grave”
23. Integrity – “String Up My Teeth”

Listen Here Mixcloud

Listen Here Soundcloud



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