Doom Charts – November 2022

“I see The Doom Charts…” “In your dreams? While you’re awake? How often do you see them?” “All the time. They’re everywhere…” I see The Doom Charts… But luckily we see them only once a month. On the First Friday of every month, the new edition of the Doom Charts go up. It doesn’t feel […]

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Thammuz Thursday

THAMMUZ – SONS OF THE OCCULT Welcome to the one and only and probably the only one to ever exist… It’s THAMMUZ Thursday! A world wide day of celebrations for that rocking foursome from the Netherlands called THAMMUZ. And this time around we celebrate that world wide holiday with some FREE codes for that kick […]

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Friday Freebie – Thou Shalt See

THOU SHALT SEE – ANCIENT HORRORS It’s a two-piece from Stuttgart, Germany and Ancient Horrors is their debut album. Five tracks of eighties influenced doom, sludge and post-metal… Their part of Moribund Mantras… It’s THOU SHALT SEE and Frazer Jones once again said it better… Frazer Jones: “Looked at the bands logo and immediately thought […]

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Friday Freebie – Froglord

FROGLORD – ARMY OF FROGS It’s still Friday somewhere… And there might be a wind from the west… And it blows mighty restless and free… And you know that it’s best… If you go for there surely will be… Trouble… Frog trouble… Indeed, in fact, there’s a whole Army Of Frogs!! ‘Army of Frogs‘ is […]

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Friday Freebie – Luciferica

LUCIFERICA – A CRUEL TASTE OF DEATH Will this be the final Friday Freebie of today? There are still quite a few more hours to go… And we could all move to Hawaii!! Will we end this incredible roll of codes for incredible releases with a severly punishing album? Cause this is not for the […]

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