WYNDRIDER – WYNDRIDER Another Friday Freebie for you all… This time we’re talking about an entire album. A debut album no less! Which made it onto the March 2023 Doom Charts. We’re talking about the very cool and very fuzzy WYNDRIDER! Their eight-track album brings you doom and stoner in just the right places, heady […]


Friday Freebie – Santo Rostro

SANTO ROSTRO – DESPUÉS NO HABRÁ NADA It’s still Friday and it’s been a week since SANTO ROSTRO ‘s amazing new album Después No Habrá Nada was released on the multitude of labels. Discos Macarras Records, LaRubiaProducciones and Spinda Records did the right thing by making this one happen, for it’s one hell of a […]

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Friday Freebie – TEX

TEX – GOODSTONE Another Friday Freebie for all your friendly Doom Charts followers. Djeez, a lot of F’s given there! And they’re all for free. Just like these amazing bunch of codes for an equally amazing album called GOODSTONE… Out on Olde Magic Records, it’s the album by the Salt Lake City, Utah, USA three […]

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Friday Freebie – Moths

MOTHS – SPACE FORCE Are we going overboard with so much Friday Freebies? Sure we are! But it’s been sweltering across the globe, and I guess we can all use a dip in the ocean of heaviness! Up next, your heavy rock lifejacket, in the form of: MOTHS! Their new release SPACE FORCE came out […]

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Friday Freebie – Moozoonsii

MOOZOONSII – INWARD There’s no stopping us now! We continue on, on this massive run of Friday Freebies! Next up, MOOZOONSII‘s album INWARD! Frazer Jones: “Insanely good instrumental jams, a heady mix of tight complexity and loose fluidity that springs surprises at every turn.” Reek of STOOM: “This Nantes-based trio flex their musical muscles on […]

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