Friday Freebie – Fumata

FUMATA – DÍAS ACIAGOS There’s so much good and heavy stuff coming out of Mexico; and we’re not just referring to all that great Mezcal and Tequila. No, we mean sludge metal! Doom! Stonerrock of the smashing your brain variety! We mean FUMATA and their DÍAS ACIAGOS album! Out on LSDR RECORDS since October 7th, […]

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WÖLFHEAD – BLOOD FULL MOON I see the bad moon a-risin’. And it’s luring in all those ancient and magnificent beasts! Out on Spanish Discos Macarras Records, it’s WÖLFHEAD and their amazing new eleven track album! Ioannis Valiakos wrote: “Unlike the kind of metal promised by the cover, the new album of WÖLFHEAD is an […]


Friday Freebie – Samavayo

SAMAVAYO – PAYAN There can be only one! Indeed, today we have only one, but incredible, Friday Freebie for you all. It is that album released back in March that jumped to the second spot of that month’s Doom Charts edition and has been raved about across the globe… We’re talking about SAMAVAYO‘s PAYAN! Marc-Eric […]

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Friday Freebie – Moths

MOTHS – SPACE FORCE Are we going overboard with so much Friday Freebies? Sure we are! But it’s been sweltering across the globe, and I guess we can all use a dip in the ocean of heaviness! Up next, your heavy rock lifejacket, in the form of: MOTHS! Their new release SPACE FORCE came out […]

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Friday Freebie – Moozoonsii

MOOZOONSII – INWARD There’s no stopping us now! We continue on, on this massive run of Friday Freebies! Next up, MOOZOONSII‘s album INWARD! Frazer Jones: “Insanely good instrumental jams, a heady mix of tight complexity and loose fluidity that springs surprises at every turn.” Reek of STOOM: “This Nantes-based trio flex their musical muscles on […]

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Friday Freebie – Mud Spencer

MUD SPENCER – IN MUD WE TRUST Good morning or good night, Australia! We’re here, you’re here, it’s Friday there! So, let’s kick this Friday Freebie session off with a massive five track release from West Java, Indonesia! We’re talking about MUD SPENCER and it’s new release IN MUD WE TRUST! And thanks to Argonauta […]

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