Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Rich Piva

He’s been rocking out on Musipedia of Metal and FuzzDoomRips for ages and joined the Doom Charts ranks back in June. It’s Rich Piva! Immediately showing what kind of stuff he’s made of with a showering of blurbs in that first month for MUSEUM OF LIGHT, CACHEMIRA, SOMNUS THRONE, MYSTERY DUDES and 10,000 YEARS. And all of them on his first month on the team… We thank him for all the work he has done and continues to do! Did any of those first blurbed albums make his final list of favorite albums of 2022? Let’s scroll down to find out!

Freedom Hawk – Take All You Can

Psychlona – Palo Verde

Obsidian Sea – Pathos

Wo Fat – The Singularity

Valley of the Sun – The Chariot

Mos Generator – Time//Wounds

Umbilicus – Path Of 1000 Suns

Abrams – In The Dark

ZOM – Fear and Failure

Carson – The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance

King Buffalo – Regenerator

Caustic Casanova – Glass Enclosed Nerve Center

Sunczar – Bearer of Light

Sleepwulf – Sunbeams Curl

Clutch – Sunrise On Slaughter Beach

Sergeant Thunderhoof – This Sceptred Veil

Sahg – Born Demon

Eye of Doom – The Sapient

AAWKS – (Heavy On the Cosmic)

Sudden Deaf – Havoc

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