Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Thierry “Pumpkin-T“ François

As perhaps some of you know, we’ve been messing with Thierry “Pumpkin-T François ever since he joined. All in good fun. He joined in himself as well a couple of times. I mean, it’s hard not to change Pumpkin-T into whatever weird name might fit under one of his many blurbs he writes for the Doom Charts. Ever since he joined back in 2021, he’s been giving us the best information about the Heavy Underground in France, which is why he is an integral part of Métal Intégral… Below you find his favorite 20 albums of 2022 and once heard, these will all stick with you forever… Even after the clock strikes twelve…

The time has come to write my 2022 TOP 20. What a vain, complicated and imperfect exercise!


  • These are my favorite albums by my own standards, a place where you can find some interesting stuff if your mind is as twisted as mine.
  • The albums are ranked from 1 to 20 but the problem is… to compare what is not comparable… (See Theory of Musical Relativity)
  • For all of those 20 incredible winners (and many more) you can find full reviews on … (Written in French, but Google translate is your best friend, right?)

1) YURT – V – Upgrade To Obsolete

2) ASHBREATHER – Hivemind

3) B O Z – Fury Of Pegana

4) MESSA – Close


6) HALF GRAMME OF SOMA – Slip Through The Cracks

7) DRUIDS – Shadow Work

8) VOÏVOD – Synchro Anarchy

9) PARALYZED – Heavy Road

10) MEMBRANE – Beyond Your Beliefs

11) SPELLBOOK – Deadly Charms

12) KALEIDOBOLT – This One Simple Trick

13) RED EYE – The Cycle

14) WIJ – Przeklete Wody

15) RED SUN ATACAMA – Darwin

16) MAG – Pod krwawym księżycem

17) SUNSTARE – Ziusudra

18) BARABBAS – La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants

19) DESERT WAVE – Deafening Silence

20) CCQUEEN – Scavenger

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