Doom Charts Peroration – June 2022

“To you, I’ll give the world…”

Fleetwood Mac

And we have another little gift for you. Even though the July edition of the Doom Charts is only a week away; we still have a little time to put up that Peroration post we do. The Doom Charts post that marries the love we have for certain heayv rock albums to a small selection of words. All the Doom Charts Contributors love even more albums than those featured on the regular chart or on the Peroration post below. For all the heavy love you can head over to all of their respective websites and read or listen to them profess their love for the good and heavy! Which reminds us… One of the Doom Charts Contributors is actually professing his love for his lady today… Kyle SB is getting married! So, we congratulate him and his misses and hope they shall have all the prosperity in the world! And that there shall be enough heavy music to listen to at the party afterwards, and of course during the party that will surely be there life together… Congratulations!

The following are professions of love and adoration by Doom Charts Contributors for albums they could not stop spinning. Each month, the Doom Charts critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and other sorts of heavy rock albums. The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart which is published monthly. However, sometimes a love is so great, but for whatever reason the album unfortunately did not make the published Doom Charts Edition. You can peruse that love here…

Doom, Heavy Metal, Sludge
Berlin, Germany
Ripple Music

Heavy metal rock that comes from the darker side of Black Sabbath, sharing more common ground with metal bands like Cirith Ungol, Venom and even Exodus. Had it been released some thirty years ago, metalheads of today would cherish it as a hidden gem in their collection. Evil riffs, menacing vocals and a classic old school metal sound, this album ticks almost every box for the audiences of heavy sound. If you are part of them, you should check this album today! Great stuff!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

Dream Thrash, Black Gaze, Prog/Post Metal
Groveland, Massachusetts
Century Media / 3DOT recordings

If there is a more perfect title for the third full length from ASTRONOID I don’t know what it could be other than Radiant Bloom, because to me that accurately describes this stunning release from the Massachusetts four piece. This album glows as it is spinning. Beautiful and heavy at the same time. The band has been described as everything from Dream Thrash to Black Gaze to Prog/Post Metal. I am not sure I would go with any of those. I get the “gaze” part for sure, but to me it is almost like the band Mew (if you don’t know, listen to And The Glass Handed Kites) if they picked up the drummer from Behemoth. The angelic-like vocals partnered with the shredding brings a unique experience that you pretty much only get with ASTRONOID.
~ Rich Piva

Stoner, Doom, Punk
Oakland, California
Self released

DANUTA‘s stoned doom from Oakland has more than a little punk attitude, with bursts of adrenaline and lightspeed drumming keeping their debut album humming along as it crushes all its path. Vocalist Stephany steals the show, however, with her husky and powerful pipes. Think Allison Mosshart in a metal band. Danuta rip.
~ Kyle SB

Dark-Metal, Doom
Season Of Mist

Who needs a beautiful face in front of a camera when you’ve been gifted with such a voice?! The band DEATHWHITE has taken me by storm. Just the first few seconds are enough to understand what message they convey. With their beautiful vocal melodies, their touching lyrics they underline classic doom metal riffs. They make you dream, cry, sing along, scream – just anything to celebrate your darkest corners of being.
~ Silvi Pearl

Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Pajama Party / Seeing Red Records

After the great debut “Signals Through The Flames” we could be curious what multi-instrumentalist IAN BLURTON would dish up for us, because usually debut albums are always the measure of all things and everything that comes after then tends to weaken. But the first sounds on the second work “Second Skin” let you breathe deeply, because it continues where the predecessor left off. Opener ‘Like A Ghost’ (reminiscent of Audrey Horne’s current album) is heart-pounding, unless you’re not a fan of those gorgeous twin leads like Thin Lizzy (Long live Phil “The God” Lynott ) and Wishbone Ash, but the super cool Blue Öyster Cult also made a big impression on Ian. So hits like the relaxed ‘When The Storm Comes Home’ (what a great catchy chorus), the fast-casual ‘Denim On Denim’ (so unbelievably good) or a relaxed ‘Too High The Sky’ follow. Outstanding guitar work, sensational melodies and the matching mega refrains are the hallmarks of IAN BLURTON’S FUTURE NOW. Anyone who manages to top their already very good debut deserves my utmost respect, because I think that doesn’t happen too often these days – thanks IAN.
~ Tom Schmahl

If you like the sound of Warlung and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and you are really proud of your Thin Lizzy records, this album is a must for your collection. Mellow Sabbathic melodies, tasty riffs, wonderful vocals and really good songs. Make sure to grab a copy of this album and check out their new album on July 2022. Amazing stuff!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

Death, Thrash
Orlando, Florida
Seeing Red Records

The general East Coast family probably relates Orlando, Florida to a family vacation at Walt Disney World. Those of us who have planted our roots in the world of heavy music relate it to classic death metal. Intoxicated proudly carries the flag for modern FL metal fans. Crushing riffs, double bass rhythms, blast beats and screaming vocal chords all set the tone for Watch You Burn. Packed with thrash and death vibes combined, there is a welcoming crossover feeling and Intoxicated handles it in the best way possible. Hardcore meets death. All who stand before them shall crumble. Walt is likely rolling in his grave.
~ Bobby Rayfield

Doom, Heavy Grunge
San Antonio, Texas
Ripple Music

The underground Texas doom legends LAS CRUCES are back after more than a decade hiatus. Traditional doom album of the year? A strong contender. But there is more depth to Cosmic Tears. Yes, you get the Sabbath/Trouble/Candlemass worship, but the more and more I listen to Cosmic Tears the more Alice In Chains I hear, specifically, the AIC slower songs, like the Rain When I Die type stuff. Each listen I pick out additional great and unique tidbits that makes this one a standout amongst what the doom scene is doing today. A strong recommendation and an album that will be on my year end list.
~ Rich Piva

Doom, Gothic, Post-Metal
Vancouver, British Columbia
Self released

Canadian quartet LODESTAR deliver a crushing, melodic slab of Doomy/Post-Metal: slow, crunchy, ethereal in parts and propelled by the angelic voice of Kate, Event Horizon will absolutely appeal to fans of Blackwater Holylight, Stonefield, Solar Halos etc….
~ Reek of STOOM

Sludge, Doom
Manchester, New Hampshire
Seeing Red Records

The mid paced strength and confident delivery of the music written for this album create a unique tonal quality. The vocals have a mix of clean but firm with some delay coating them while another is forceful and aggressive without apology. The musical direction leans on a touch of post-hardcore, some post-rock and even a touch of ambient, noisy delicacies as a breather. To shuffle between these styles only make the experience even heavier. At the core, these songs are meant to pulverize the listener and the spices they put in the recipe make the album even more tasty than one could expect. Highly recommended on the menu this month.
~ Bobby Rayfield

Progressive Rock/Metal
London, UK
Music For Nations / Sony Music

The reformation of legendary British Progsters PORCUPINE TREE (minus long-time bassist Colin Edwin) proffers up a musical smorgasbord of subtlety, invention, deeply melancholic songcraft and passages of spell-binding interplay between the trio. Easily their greatest work to date, “Closure/Continuation” reveals a band reunited, re-invigorated and pushing the boundaries of Prog with relish. AOTY contender.
~ Reek of STOOM

Desert Rock, Stoner Metal, Punk Rock
Paris, France
Mrs. Red Sound

D A R W I N is a chimera born from the meeting of Desert Rock and Stoner Metal with Punk Rock. The bass tuned below sea level, the powerful drums and the fueled-with-fuzz guitar explode into fantastic jams throughout the album. You will be seduced by the incredible cover (made by the Twisted Hooves Studio) and you will stay hooked by the music of RED SUN ATACAMA. It’s punchy, various and excellently produced = just essential.
~ Thierry ‘Darwin-T’ FRANCOIS

There is some killer heavy/stoner/psych rock coming out of France, and there is not a better example than D A R W I N from RED SUN ATACAMA. The Paris trio produce some Fu Manchu/Kyuss inspired desert/stoner rock with some heavy psych leanings and some serious punk rock energy, an energy which is refreshing from what most bands in the genre are doing today. You get killer solos, psych freak outs, high paced punk inspired action, unique vocals, and all of this usually all within one track. The energy produced from D A R W I N will equate to some serious end of year list consideration.
~ Rich Piva

Blackened Thrash
Rennes, France
Caligari Records

Filthy, nasty, fast paced and crushing all describe the power of SCUMSLAUGHT’s delivery on this release. Tapping into an occasional blast beat to push the envelope, this mini-album is going to hit home with fans of classic, crusty thrash. The vocals are brutal and deep while the riffs remain unrelenting. The entire release is in your face and unforgiving. Black metal fans could dip their toe in these murky waters without fear of getting their face paint smudged. As Caligari Records refer to it, this is “The feel-bad hit of the summer”.
~ Bobby Rayfield

Instrumental Jams, Stoner Doom, Acid
DGO, Mexico
Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs

Ferocious riffing, thunderous drums and pulsating bass lines in a wonderful collection of instrumental stoner rock jams! The result sounds so organic and groovy, swallowing you into what sounds like a gigantic vortex of fuzzy melodies. One of the best finds of the month for sure, check it out and get ready for a serious ride!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

Stonerrock, Desert rock, Hardrock, Fuzz
Bielsko Biala, Poland
Self released

Fully fuzzed cool stoner rock with an air of laid back improvisation jams. Fans of Maha Sohona and All Them Witches will not be disappointed. Check them out today!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

Doom Metal, Psych Rock
Indiana, USA
Wet Records

Roy Waterfold’s WATCHMAN is back with a new poisoned album full of early sabbathian riffs. The End Of All Flesh is a dark, slow paced and fuzzy true piece of psych doom metal. Its heavy hypnotic riffs will wash your mind, disconnect your brain and prevent you from stopping the listening. CAUTION: This 200% Doom metal album is nothing but an ultimate attempt of total zombification!
~ Thierry ‘Pumpkin-Z’ FRANCOIS

Grunge, Metal, Doom, Stoner
Chicago, Illinois
Self released

It grooves, it swings and it riffs like a motherfucker. Albums like that make me feel that the legacy of legends like Helmet, Silverchair and Alice in Chains will live on and on. Layers of tasty riffs unfold throughout the album, coupled with an intelligent rhythm section and very good vocal melodies. Grab a copy today!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

Death-Doom, Sludge
Maryland, USA
Prosthetic Records

Since the beginning I have been a huge fan of the trio and follow their career. Already with their debut album “Death Ritual” they have conquered my heart filled with pain. With “Born Into Chaos” I am now immortally in love, because they dare to be even harder, even faster, even darker. This development is one of the best of recent years in the firmament of death-doom!
~ Silvi Pearl

Metal, Doom, Punk, Hardcore
Antwerp, Belgium
Hoogheid Records

A festival of beastial riffs, packed in 15 mins of music that will have you hit the repeat button faster than a ninja star! These guys are in the same league with the likes of Restless Spirit, Firebreather and Psychonaut. Until the 2nd Volume comes out, I will go back to check out their albums, and if they are anywhere near as good as this EP, I may have a new favourite band! Brilliant songs, blistering tone, excellent sound production. Grabbing a copy is a no-brainer!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

And a special thanks goes out to Doktor420 for the cover image…

If you listen, it will doom…

Special thanks to the ongoing contributors to the monthly Doom Chart.  You folks help give voice to the heavy underground:

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