Doom Charts Peroration – January 2022

We’ve crossed the half way mark of February; so it’s time for a Peroration Post! The January one that is. And you know the deal, the blurbs below are the ones that the Doom Chart Contributors wrote because they loved a certain album so much and assumed it would make the Final 25 for last months regular edition. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. For whatever reason. Sometimes an album is just too brutal, too kraut, too garage, too black, too grind, too folk, etc, ad infinitum. But we should not let that love go to waste! For the love for that album is real and might inspire that same amount of adoration in other heavy rock fiends! So, we post them here, together with all the possible double blurbs received…

The following are professions of love and adoration by Doom Charts Contributors for albums they could not stop spinning. Each month, the Doom Charts critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and other sorts of heavy rock albums. The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart which is published monthly. However, sometimes a love is so great, but the album unfortunately did not make the published Doom Charts Edition. You can peruse that love here…

(Metal, Doom, Sludge, Stoner)
(North Carolina, USA)

When I first heard the name “BEASTIAL PIGLORD” of the one man project from North Carolina I expected some really extreme metal. That’s not what this is. With his thirty plus albums this prolific musician explores many heavy sub genres including groovy doom, sludge, grunge, etc as he states on his website. There are many tasty morsels to explore here. I’m glad I found this band, it’s the start of a exciting, interesting, different musical journey.
~ Andy Kovalcik

(Metal, Doom, Stoner, Punk, Psych)
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Heavy, heavy, heavy and more heavy! Between doom and stoner, BEHÖLDER‘s music is built to make amps smoke. The self-titled EP is a ghost train journey through the lands of terror to the Doomsday. Beware of Stephen’s bass that splits the continental shelf while Clinton & Art’s guitars rip through the skies, Angel’s delirious incantations burn your brain and Derek’s toms pound your soul. You are warned!
~ Thierry ‘Pumpkin-T’ François

(Metal, Black, Death, Brutal, Hardcore, Doom)
(Brisbane, Australia)

The Swedish death metal sound has now mutated into a thick cloud of sulfurous ash.
~ Steve Woodier

(Metal, Doom, Death)
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

Peel this congealed doom horror like a rotten onion and find each layer more corrupt than the last until you reach the black, mushy heart.
~ Steve Woodier

(Metal, Doom, Post, Sludge, Experimental)
(Limerick, Ireland)

Irish post-sludge rockers KARPACKONAUT have just returned with their 5th album “Light as a Particle”. Five improvised tunes and a bonus track, all recorded “on the fly” as the band themselves say on Bandcamp, with no facelift mixes and fixes. The band chose the best cuts, putting together what seems to be their best work to date, hands down. “Light as a Particle” captures a moment in time, where the band evolves its sound to a more atmospheric, more organic, and yet more complete outcome. Their sludgy post rock is honest and their sound is vibrantly raw. Lend them your ears today. Heavy stuff, great stuff!
~ Ioannis Valiakos

(Metal, Doom, Sludge)
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

If you’re ever kicking a can down a back alleyway and need a theme song, just pick any tune off of LOTUS SUTRA’s Mourning Star and it’ll fit the scene. A revival of sorts, Mike, Dave, and Willis have been at it for a while but it all comes together on this fire laden disc of gritty, sludginess. Each track is a powerful dredge through dark emotional waters and will change you if you make to the other side. Think of Tool getting their ass kicked by Eye Hate God and that’s pretty much where these gents dwell.
~ Gravitoyd

(Rock, Hardrock, Psych, Stoner, Classic)
(Madrid, Spain)

The album has an impeccable sound, especially in the care of the different vocal registers of its singer Law. Always providing all the grit, but also handling the most melodic passages with ease, her voice, and the combination of hooky choruses and choruses, makes each song offer us an incentive to continue with the next. Stoner riffs with vintage tones, along with good doses of blues, a few drops of psychedelia and a lot of hard rock from the 70’s, are the content of some devilish songs full of strength. His songs contain hooks that immediately trap the listener in a spiral of catchy choruses, darkness and an old-school badass attitude.
~ Roberto Lucas

(Rock, Experimental, Kraut, Psych)
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

After having navigated in turbulent waters with their last album, PAPIR returns to the backwaters of tranquility with their new album ‘7‘. In it, the trio from Copenhagen direct their four long jams towards a scene of calm, relaxation and elegant background music. Its long atmospheric passages are splendid on this occasion, dispensing with the heaviness, to create passages full of elegance. Whispering and velvety, its beautiful and evocative melodies cover the listener with a magical, balsamic and absolutely therapeutic blanket. This communion of PAPIR with the sea has a meeting point here, but now with soft waves that lull us into a dreamlike state of extreme beauty. The storm is over, and now there is room in your music to feel the gentle breeze.
~ Roberto Lucas

(Metal, Rock, Doom, Post)
(Lille, France)

This first album by QUEEN(ARES) is already mature due to the musician’s long experience in many other bands. It mostly sounds like a fusion between doom and post-metal, and is based on 4 rules:

  • a substantial duration (between 5:30 and 9:30) which allows each song to reach one or more peaks of intensity;
  • an architecture freed from the eternal verse/chorus which opens up new avenues for construction;
  • a search for very worked atmospheres which alternate within each track, from disturbing lightness to wild brutality;
  • 2 singers whose voices seem to be used as instruments from the composition. Here, it is not a question of vocal melodies placed on rhythmic but included into the music.
    From This Ground, From This Sea is among the most beautiful forbidden fruits of the French metal scene. It’s a must for all lovers of contemporary metal and would also delight a wide audience among sludge, doom, black, post-hardcore and even over-fueled post-rock lovers.

~ Thierry ‘Pumpkin-T’ François

(Rock, Blues, Psych, Proto)
(The Hague, Netherlands)

Anyone who listens to the album without having references to the band will surely think that they are listening to a demo of those pioneering bands of the early 70’s who had a devotion to blues, acid psychedelia and heavier vibrations. SUPERSONIC BLUES has in its ranks members of ORANGE SUNSHINE or MERCURY BOYS, which already indicates the path that its pure proto-metal vibrations can take. Its dirty and primitive sound, as well as a clearly improvable recording quality, makes each song brim with authenticity. Although the music they play was invented decades ago, they do it in an authentic way, which is not faked.
~ Roberto Lucas

And a special thanks goes out to Doktor420 for the cover image…

If you listen, it will doom…

Special thanks to the ongoing contributors to the monthly Doom Chart.  You folks help give voice to the heavy underground:

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Feel free to send in your albums to where they’ll be delegated to the crew above to determine their thoughts and gather the votes at the end of the month. Leave us comments below and let us know what you think about the Charts.

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