Doom Charts – 2021 Favorites – Doktor420

He’s the good Doktor! Doktor420! The man with the finger on the pulse. And the ever present StonerRock presence somewhere; if you know where, you know where and you will know him. He was there before most of all this online stuff got started, you know, back before social media, where there were forums and bulletinboards…. and joined the Doom Charts Contributors in January 2015. We thank him for all his input on Stoner HiVe and everything he does for the Doom Charts and the scene in general. And in these trying times we can all use some of the stoner rock medicine the good Doktor might have for us. Best of wishes to Doktor420! And let’s hope we will read more of those blurbs like the one he wrote for the awesome Speck!

1.    King Buffalo – The Burden of Restlessness

New York

2.    Blind Tendril – α


3.    Speck – Unkraut


4.    Snake Mountain Revival – Everything in Sight


5.    Glasgow Coma Scale – Sirens


6.    Valid blU – WFYB.TV



7.    Greenleaf – Echoes from a Mass


8.    Delving – Hirschbrunnen


9.    Terminus – The Silent Bell Toll


10.    Bentrees – Two of Swords


11.    Kal-El – Dark Majesty


12.    MØTRIK – MØØN The Cosmic Electrics of MØTRIK


13.    The Spacelords – Unknown Species


14.    Wolfnaut – III


15.    Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia

New Jersey

16.    Sheev – Mind Conductor


17.   The Ugly Kings – Strange, Strange Times


18.    Lords Of The Opium Church – Lords Of The Opium Church


19.    Redscale – The Old Colossus


20.    King Buffalo – Acheron

New York

21.    Motorpsycho – Kingdom of Oblivion



22.    The Vintage Caravan – Monuments


23.    White Hills – Tone Spores

New York

24.    New Candys – Vyvyd


25.    IAH – Omines


Please don’t take the order too serious, it depends on the mood I’m in when I make a list…

From here – alphabetical order:

Appalooza – The Holy Of Holies
Band of Spice – By the Corner of Tomorrow
Black Keys – Delta Kream
Book of Wyrms – Occult New Age
Borracho – Pound of Flesh
Datsuns – Eye To Eye
Deiv Id Fuzz – Playa Atomica
Elara Sunstreak Band – Vostok 1
Indica Blues – We Are Doomed
JakeTheHawk – Hinterlands
King Weed – Let There Be Weed
Lady Luna and the Devil – Mother of All Sin
LáGoon – Skullactic Visions
Liquid Sound Company – Psychoactive Songs For The Psoul
Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3
Long Distance Calling – Ghost
Miscellen – Blue Ruin
Mustasch – A Final Warning – Chapter 1
Plaindrifter – Echo Therapy
Planet Cruiser – Riders Of The Edge
The Quill – Earthrise
Red Fang – Arrows
ShiMa – Vol.02
Sleepfighter – Sleepfighter
Slow Voyage – Soul’s Whisper
Starified – Fat Hits
Stone Cadaver – Memento Mori, Motherfucker
Stone Deaf – Killers
Wall – Wall
Yawning Sons – Sky Island

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