Doom Charts – 2021 Favorites – Shasta Beast

Get your motor running! Come on, dance with Shasta Beast! Joining the ranks of the Doom Chart Contributors in October 2019 was Stoner HiVe’s dirty little Shasta Beast aka Shasta Beest. His taste in music is only rivalled by his taste in brews and bit… Errr… Women… His list of favorite albums already appeared on Stoner HiVe. In no particular order…  But he of course wanted it featured on the Doom Charts, cause these albums all deserve to get as much attention as possible! And we wholeheartedly agree… Best of wishes to Shasta! Keep on dancing!

Snake Mountain Revival – Everything in Sight
Matt C White – Creepshow Peepshow: Act II
Matt C White – Creepshow Peepshow: Act I
Wolves in Haze – Chaos Reigns
Draken – Draken
Stone Cadaver – Memento Mori, Motherfucker
The Lance Vance Vengeance – Broglie
Seum – Winterized
Comet Control – Inside The Sun
Lucifer’s Fall – III-From The Deep

King Woman – Celestial Blues
Peregrino – Peregrino
Black Totem – II: Shapeshifting
Rostro del Sol – Rostro del Sol
Acid Magus – Wyrd Syster
Surfsquatch – Revealed
Papangu – Holoceno
Timo Ellis – Death Is Everywhere
Offernat – EP
Farfisa – Gänger

Atom Driver – Is Anything Alright
Holy Death Trio – Introducing…
Messerschmitt – Oh Death
Cruzeiro – Cruzeiro
Fever Dog – Alpha Waves
Glowing Brain – Brain Dust
Grand Cadaver – Into The Maw Of Death
Caution Boy – Alligator
Jointhugger – Surrounded by Vultures
Bog Monkey – Bog Monkey E.P.

Wall – Vol. 2
Wall – Vol. 1
Hippie Death Cult – Circle Of Days
Wasted Death – Ugly As Hell II – Uglier Than Hell
Wasted death – Ugly As Hell
Woodcreeper – Mephisto’s Kite
Battle Jacket – Cowboy Killers
10% Reptile – The Big Boycott
Blunt Horse – Split
EarthOmen – Beyond the Pale
TarLung – Architect
Santa Planta – EP

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