Doom Charts – 2021 Favorites – Chris Tighe

We were so thankful to see The Top 10 Chris Tighe sent us. Simply because he chose only Ten favorite albums of 2021. Less work for me! Hurray! But of course we know Chris Tighe and sure enough; on his very own The Mighty Decibel he not only lists the 10 below; but fifteen more! The Mighty Decibel started in February 2018 and has been growing ever louder and noisier! The man knows his stuff, his extreme stuff and everything that might make The Mighty Decibel explode! So, once again, best of wishes to Chris Tighe and here’s to more and more explosions!

10. WITCHCRYER – When Their Gods Come For You

From Austin, Texas with ominous intentions comes Witchcryer with their sophomore full length. Oh yeah, Suzy Bravo’s vocals rule, too!

9. THRONEHAMMER – Incantation Rites

You want heavy? Here you go. Mountains will crumble in its path.

8. HEX A.D. – Funeral Tango For Gods & Men

What the hell? Despite Hex A.D. delivering the best album of 2020 IMO (the Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden opus), the Norwegian unit gifts us with another full length one year later. All hail the progressive doom masters!

7. THE WATCHER – Your Turn To Die

A little proto, a little trad, Your Turn To Die will appeal to a wide variety of doom heads.


Any EP that starts out with a church bell followed by witches’ laughter has gotta rule, right? Serpent Cobra ride Sabbath riffage and the vocals of Carolina Dusau to the promised land here on this debut.

5. PARISH – God’s Right Hand

The future of doom? This debut EP is so friggin’ good, you’ll shake your Sabbatherian head in amazement.

4. GREEN LUNG – Black Harvest

If you love some old school organ/keys in your retro doom, this is the place. Other selling point? Every track is as good as the last.

3. 10,000 YEARS – II

A concept album that works – Judas Priest take note! Here the 10,000 Years lads take us on a journey to earth’s future, where things are distinctly different than today. And the music matches the message. Sludge heaven.

2. THE QUILL – Earthrise

Classy, classic doom metal from the veterans. Is there a better side of doom this year than side 1 of Earthrise?

1. BLACK FLARE – Black Flare

Nothing sounded more like headbanging doom in 2021 than Black Flare’s self-titled debut. Highlighted by strong writing and performances, this baby should come with a neck brace. You have been warned.

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