Doom Charts 2020 Favorites – Reek of Stoom

Today our own Reek of Stoom brings us his “12 Reeks of The Year!” His favorite albums broken down by each month. What a great idea and look at his journey throughout the dreaded 2020.

January: ELDER DRUID – “Golgotha”

Bellicose Belfast outfit ELDER DRUID breach the salt lines to
manifest their virulent breed of Doomed Sludge in their latest
offering, “Golgotha”. Every yard as epic as it’s title, its power and
majesty bleeds through every low-fuzzed corpuscle and sinew.
“Golgotha” is the Sound of Wrath. Elder Druid is the Sound of Doom.

February: SLIFT – “Ummon”

The French penchant for Spacey Psychedelia goes into full-blown Ion
Drive for this ‘dejeuner delicieux’…roaring Space Rock workouts,
Krautrock meanderings and Atmospheric Ambience..stunning!


Kansas-based Doom entourage THEY WATCH US FROM THE MOON
deliver a rich cornucopia of sound on their debut album, “Moon
Doom!”, a virulent mixture of Heavy, Slow riffs and Space Rock
theatrics. TWUFTM have brought us one of the best debut releases
I’ve heard in a long while and they should not be ignored.


The Rt, Hon Lord Foetus brings his considerable and proflic experience to this extraordinary Avantgarde work…broody, mesmerising and Off-kilter, smarting with anguish and glowing with Epicness!

May: VROVL – “La Chasse au Marais/De Eendenjacht”

Belgian outfit VROVL pull out a masterpiece of intricate, top-notch
Progressive Rock…deftly spanning the bridge between Pastoral,
Symphonic and Progressive Metal in a way that is both unique and breathtaking!


A bewildering, dazzling and bizarre array of songs, noises and
shiftless innovation from this amazing French band. The gamut of
Prog, Krautrock, Musique Concrete and Space Rock are despatched
with real flair and musicianship!

July: THE EX PAST – “The Experimental Esperience”

Expansive, Ballsy Heavy Psych from Russia that delivers Tonal treats
and trippy trap-doors a-plenty – a definite Head-Melter!

August: MOTORPSYCHO – “The All Is One”

No intros needed for this spectacular group of Norwegians.
Confident, challenging, brimming with pure invention…Grandiose is the word!

September: MOTHER’S CAKE – “Cyberfunk!”

More delectable Austrian Prog from this ridiculously talented
ensemble. A fusion of Classic 70’s hard Prog, Fuzzy Psych and sonic
theatrics that will have you bouncing!

October: KEVEL – “Mutatis Mutandis”

Poland’s grip on the Stoner Doom genre was fastened to death-like
by this incredible release. Heavy as a bag of anvils, crawling through
depths, valleys, the Void and beyond with its breathtaking scope!

November: SUN CROW – “Quest For Oblivion”

The Seattle Stoner/Doomsters pull out an incredible display of
Power, Craft and skill! A fantastic blend of Sludge, Doom and Stoner
along with Psychedelic flair make this a very serious AOTY contender!

Ourselves We Are Immortal”

Future Sound Of London teams up with VDGG legend Peter Hammil
and a star-studded array of musicians for this incredibly diverse,
lusciously-produced and precision-executed smorgasbord of
Progressive rock wonder, weaving seamlessly through Prog rock,
Trance, Ambience and Electronica…incredible!

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