Bandcamp – The Definitive Guide for Bands and Labels

We here at the Doom Charts are huge advocates of Bandcamp as you may have noticed. Today, I felt it obligitory to share with you all some words by a fellow super fan and good friend of ours Mr. Marc-Eric Gagnon. Marc took it upon his own good will to compile what himself, and others, think are some great pointers for bands, labels, fans and all of the above in the world of Bandcamp. Teamed up with one of our contributor blogs The Ripple Effect and their regular feature Bandcamp Bonanza, Marc was able to get the piece out there. Take a read to what many are sharing and agreeing as great practices in the world of music sharing and promotion.

We use Bandcamp as the primary sharing vessel on our monthly Charts and more and more we are able to find almost every album featured is available on the platform. The ones that aren’t well, not only is it a big pain in the ass editing in a listen or buy link in the blurb section, we feel the bands aren’t fully realizing the potential Bandcamp brings. Let us know of any tricks and tips you may have run across, we are open ears and always striving to improve our Bandcamp game.

Read the Article Here

Huge thank you goes out to MarcThe Ripple Effect, Bandcamp, and to all of you fine people reading the blog and joining us along the way to spreading the gospel about the heavy underground music scene.


Special thanks to the ongoing contributors to the monthly Doom Chart.  You folks help give voice to the heavy underground:

Adam Walsh (Earmunchies); A.S. Van Dorston (Fast n’ Bulbous); Bryan Coffey (Indy Metal Vault); Bill Goodman (The Evil Engineer); Billy Goate (Doomed & Stoned); Rob Blasko (; Bobby Rayfield (Trendkill Radio); Brandon Collins(Super Dank Metal Jams); Bryan Coffey (Indy Metal Vault); Bucky Brown (The Ripple Effect);  Clint Willis (Hand of Doom Radio);Chris Latta (Indy Metal Vault); Doktor420(Stoner HiVe);  Doombeard (DoomBeardZine);  Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist);  Geoff Leapord (Atom Heart Mutha); Gram ‘Son of Sam’ Pola (Dirty Denim);  Héctor “Mr. Heavyhead” Hurtado (More Fuzz); Hugo Hulleman (; Jamey Morris (Fistfull of DOOM); Jason Roach (Indy Metal Vault); Jay Morgan (High Desert Valley Radio); Jim Thompson (Heavy in the Hills); Joe Eldridge (Shadebeast Records); John Gist, (Vegas Rock Revolution); Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe); Ken Elliott (Heavy Planet); Leanne Ridgeway (Riff Relevant);Lucas Klaukien (Outlaws of the Sun); Lyk (Phantasmagoria); Magnus Tannergren (Into The Void Radio);  Marc C. Pietrek (VITRIOL, INC / A DARK UNITED FRONT); Marcus Greybeard (FuzzHeavy Podcast); Mari Knox Knox (Doomed & Stoned); Mark Partin (The Ripple Effect); Martin Petrov (Rawk’n’Roll); Matt Slighter (Cheeto) (Hwy 420, Core of Destruction Radio) Matthew Thomas (Taste Nation); Matheus Jacques (October Doom); Mathieu Van Der Hert (Dutch European Stoner Rock);  Melissa Marie (Doomed & Stoned); Melissa Spence, (Stoner Witch Radio);  Mike Williams (I Talk to Planets); Pat Harrington (Electric Beard Of Doom);  Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker (Riff Relevant);  ‘Papa’ Paul Rote (Doomed & Stoned); Roberto Lucas (Denpa Fuzz); Roberto Fuentes (La Habitación 235); Rod Reinhardt (Captain Beyond Zen); Samir Asfahani (Super Dank Metal Jams); Skip (The Burning Beard); Steve Howe (Outlaws of the Sun);Steve Miller (Vertical Chamber Apparatus);Steve Woodier (Shrieks From Below);  Tanguy ‘Mr Fuzz’ Dupré (More Fuzz); Tom Hanno (Tom’s Album Reviews);Tony Maim (Black Insect LaughterStoner HiVe).

Feel free to send in your albums to where they’ll be delegated to the crew above to determine their thoughts and gather the votes at the end of the month.

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