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Grand Reunion

Grand Reunion – In The Station (2018)

(Santiago, Chile)

Grand Reunion is a newcomer on the scene bringing us a little taste of Chile tag teamed by both Latin and English tongue. The rock and roll flavors are immersed in psychedelic fuzz, drenched in southern comfort and hopped up with heavy hitting hooks. In The Station gets better with each listen and one to keep your ears on. It’s not doom, nor can you really pinpoint it from a genre standpoint. I say its damn good and will leave it at that. Countless influences including Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Graveyard, Blues Pills, and Grand Funk Railroad combine to create a uniquely heavy album with modern underground appeal. You can tell this is more than just your average trio. This is a full fledged rock n roll orchestra. 

-Bucky Brown (The Ripple Effect)

Band Bio:

La experiencia y la amistad dan forma a “In the Station”, primer LP de 8 pistas en español e inglés hablado para viajar entre las situaciones más remotas, épocas y sentimientos expresados, de estos seis músicos que se reúnen en Grand Reunion, todos ellos con formación en diferentes géneros de rock, pero donde convergen en un sonido único y amplio, lleno de energía, a fondo místico y rock and roll muy ruidoso.
Entre una amplia amalgama de influencias; son los paisajes psicodélicos, el espíritu de los clásicos 60-70 e incluso los 80, el cuerpo y el peso del garage rock y, sobre todo, los ritmos afro-latinos de América del Sur que los diferencian, todos incorporados en un sonido contemporáneo.

Producido y grabado por Grand Reunion en su sala de ensayo “The Station”, este álbum se trata de eso mismo, del origen de su música y ese lugar especial de donde se le da nacimiento; la sala de ensayo. En este álbum, los 6 chilenos dejan fluir sus ideas e imaginación durante más de 3 años para finalmente dar vida a este casi largometraje musical, posteriormente mezclado por Sebastian Venegas en Artisan Studio SCL, y masterizado por Paul Logus (Anthrax, Paul Gilbert, Public Enemy , Stone Sour, The Winery Dogs, etc.) en PLX Studio NY.

Entonces, habla de personajes femeninos muy extraños, encuentros cercanos de la tercera clase, sentimientos y creencias locas, sacrificios rituales, canciones para amigos que ya no están y hasta un himno a una diosa ancestral. Todo eso y más en las historias que Grand Reunion tiene para contarte en este LP recién lanzado y disponible en CD y Digital.

Translate (English)

The experience and friendship shape “In the Station”, the first LP of 8 tracks in Spanish and English spoken to travel between the most remote situations, times and feelings expressed, of these six musicians that meet in Grand Reunion, all of them with formation in different genres of rock, but where they converge in a unique and wide sound, full of energy, deep mystical and rock and roll very noisy.

Among a wide amalgam of influences; they are psychedelic landscapes, the spirit of the 60-70 classics and even the 80s, the body and weight of garage rock and, above all, the Afro-Latin rhythms of South America that differentiate them, all incorporated into a contemporary sound .

Produced and recorded by Grand Reunion in his rehearsal room “The Station”, this album is about that very thing, the origin of his music and that special place where he is born; the rehearsal room. In this album, the 6 Chileans let their ideas and imagination flow for more than 3 years to finally give life to this almost musical full-length film, later mixed by Sebastian Venegas in Artisan Studio SCL, and mastered by Paul Logus (Anthrax, Paul Gilbert, Public Enemy, Stone Sour, The Winery Dogs, etc.) in PLX Studio NY.
Then, it talks about very strange female characters, close encounters of the third class, crazy feelings and beliefs, ritual sacrifices, songs for friends that are no longer there and even a hymn to an ancestral goddess. All that and more in the stories that Grand Reunion has to tell you in this LP just released and available on CD and Digital.


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