Friday Freebie – Mud Spencer

MUD SPENCER – IN MUD WE TRUST Good morning or good night, Australia! We’re here, you’re here, it’s Friday there! So, let’s kick this Friday Freebie session off with a massive five track release from West Java, Indonesia! We’re talking about MUD SPENCER and it’s new release IN MUD WE TRUST! And thanks to Argonauta […]

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Doom Charts – August 2022

“In Brody‚Äôs dreams, deep water was populated by slimy, savage things that rose from below and shredded his flesh, by demons that cackled and moaned.” ~ Peter Benchley, Jaws It’s about setting the scene. The dead body in the hotel room. Foreboding music. It’s about the unexpected. About the weird, the wild, and The Cursed […]

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