Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Justin Wittenmeier

Today we continue on with the Personal Favorites Lists… He’s the super absolute newest member to the Doom Charts team. Writing for Metal Temple since 2016 and recently starting his own thing as well called Doomed For Metal, it’s Justin Wittenmeier. He hasn’t even been able to provide a list for a regular edition or write a blub, but still desperately wanted to profess his love for his favorite albums of 2022. And since we all want to get to know Justin and his taste, we want to see that list… So here it is… With blurbs and all!

Justin “Witty City” Wittenmeier’s 2022 favorites list

I’m the resident newbie here at Doom Charts and somehow wrangled my way into submitting a 2022 favorites list. I promise I didn’t beg or cry too much but a huge thank you to Joop for feeling sorry for me and allowing this monstroity of dark riffs and depressing sounds!

25. Consecration – Cinis

Riffs for days with a guitar tone straight out of hell. This is the band’s best album so far and a deep dive into death/doom.

24. Omnia Moritus – Ex Inferis

Death/Doom with a sweeping keys? Does that work? Yes, yes it does. Epic yet dense as a black hole.

23. Lux Incerta – Dark Odyssey

The overall sound of the album is somber, melancholic….the songs are ultra focused, full embracing their style and harnessing that with a deft touch.

22. Temple Of Void – Summoning The Slayer

With “Summoning The Slayer,” TEMPLE OF VOID step into the next phase of their doomy death march. It is a welcome advancement I really feel like the next album has the possibility of truly putting them on that next level. I cannot wait.

21. Elegeion – Plight of the Heretic

This album recalls the hey day of gothic doom. The songs are all beautiful and use their length to weave musical stories that stay with you long after the last notes play.

20. Gvorn – Keeper Of Grief

A massive album that brings in depth to each second of the music and vocals. The songs are long but never feel like it because the band isn’t afraid to throw in melodic moments or stretch their sound beyond confines.

19. In Depths Of Winter – In Depths Of Winter

This album checks off all the boxes that would be on a list of how to build a solid as hell melodic death/doom album. A cold and unforgiving yet there is a beauty once the warmth beneath is found.

18. Talsur – Dark

The amount of music and ideas contained within this album is nearly staggering but the it never falters once—it always remains engaging and interesting.

17. Druid Lord – Relics Of the Dead

How about doom making you feel nervous with hints of trepidation? That’s Druid Lord. This album will crush you while it rips out your nerves.

16. Celestial Season – Mysterium I/Mysterium II

Since their return, Celestial Season seems unstoppable. This is yet another grand slab of Gothic death/doom. Parts 1 and 2 (with a third to come) are separate releases but it feels right having them sharing the spot.

15. Patriarchs In Black – Reach For The Scars

PATRIARCHS IN BLACK’s “Reach For The Scars,” is a very strong debut that uses the talented people involved well. Dan’s return to music has blessed the scene with many great albums and this one is among his best.

14. In Loving Memory – The Withering

What stands out on this album is that it is so musical…there is a lot of happening in each of these songs. It is depressing yet melodic and enlightened..a well composed album

13. Mares Of Thrace – The Exile

A somewhat short but impressive listen that stays with you long after you’ve hit the replay button three times already. Noisy, insane, barbarous yet instantly tuneful and indelible.

12. Ferum – Asunder/Erode

I’ve been waiting on this debut fullength since I reviewed their debut EP back in 2018. It was worth the weight and then some. This is a truly crushing releases that is also captivating because despite its brutal nature, it has an eye on masterful songwriting.

11. Grand Harvest – Consummatum Est

GRAND HARVEST’s “Consummatum Est,” is a terrific, terror filled ride of doom horror that any fan of the genre needs to have on their watch list. And this is their first album? Their next one will probably take the doom world by storm.

10. Destroy My Brains – Tormented

Angry, violent, and filled with sludge riddled doom that is caustic to dangerous levels. Sick music for sick people. Just the way I like it.

9. Soliloquium – Soulsearching

An in depth album filled with variety and continues the band on their journey of emotional doom that isn’t afraid to step outside of the box.

8. Morbid Evils – Spernaturals

“Supernaturals,” is an album that speaks about the human condition on a lot of levels, makes you think, but is also just one heavy and dark fucking album.

7. Messa – Close

MESSA’s “Close,” is a truly stunning album that deserves all the success that it will surely bring the band. It might be a challenging listen for some people due to its unconventional doom sound and length but the rewards that a person will reap from the experience make it a worthy journey to travel upon

6. Assumption – Hadean Tides

Assumption are one of the best death/doom bands in the modern age and Hadean Tides is disturbing and hellish but spacey. A true decent into lunacy.

5. Rise To The Sky – Stay With Me When You’re Gone

This album weaves melodic tenderness and heavy doom in such a way that your heartstrings will be pulled as the darkness descends around you. Tragedy never sounded so good.

4. Drift Into Black – Earthtorn

An album that embraces the tragedy of the human race but tells that tale in a dynamic way that will appeal to both doom fans and those who are unfamiliar with it. This band keeps getting better with each release.

3. Konvent – Call Down The Sun

Unhuman vocals and a band that clearly has a love for the style, Call Down The Sun is a album that is so heavy, dense, and unforgiving that listening to it is like a nightmarish fevor dream.

2. Et Moriemur – Tamashii no Yama

I was not prepared for the journey my ears embarked upon when I reviewed this masterpiece.. This Japanese themed album is extremely diverse and filled to the brim with unique doom music that is unlike anything I’ve heard before.

1. Aphonic Threnody – The Loneliest Walk

My doom metal album of the year. How could it not be? Ultimately, the heart and soul that was poured into this creation has come out the other side as a defining master work of what doom metal is capable of. “The Loneliest Walk,” may be a hard road to take but it is one well worth taking….hell it MUST be taken. I imagine most people will experience their own version of this journey so check this album out and drive into it so that you may better face the darkness when it eventually finds you.

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