Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – John Gist

What we’ve got here is Vegas Rock Revolution‘s very own John Gist and his Personal Favorite albums of 2022 list! The man behind all that Vegas Rock stuff, the Planet Desert Rock Weekend and so much more. He makes it happen, he makes all the magical music come alive, makes it so we can experience all those bands we love live and he’s everywhere! And let’s not forget he also does that The Doomed & Stoned Show together with Doomed & Stoned‘s Billy Goate and Bucky Brown! If you need your fix, go see the Gist!

2022 was a year that continued to show that heavy rock is a world thing and the best music is clearly underground. On this list of Top 29, 13 countries are represented and surprisingly to me …12 were from the USA.  It’s a good thing to see America still rocking! Countries on this list are USA (12),  U.K.(3) , Germany (2), Sweden (2), Canada (2), Spain (2), Finland, Norway, Australia (2), Poland and Greece. I can’t even begin to tell you how much music I listened to this year and how it has kept me sane through these turbulent times of my life.  Big love to all the folks out there that have been supporters of The Doomed & Stoned Show and Vegas Rock Revolution!!   Also a tip of the hat to all the outstanding folks out there making a difference in our scene whether it’s doing blogs, running small labels, doing shows, going to shows, buying albums, sharing, spreading the word and so on! The scene keeps getting bigger because of you and of course the amazing artists who creates the music that makes our lives better!  Have a look and see what you discover, and I have made a playlist of my Top 50 or so albums of 2022 on Spotify that will be here and at the bottom.  A great way to check them out is on shuffle! 


John Gist

Vegas Rock Revolution/ Planet Desert Rock Weekend / The Doomed & Stoned Show

Top 50 or so albums of 2022 Spotify Playlist

29. MY DILIGENCE/ Belgium   –  “The Matter, Form and Power”

Psychedelic Doom/ Post Rock

Brussels Belgium power trio delivers their 3rd release with a magnificent album with dark textures and depth throughout.  The vocals switch at times from clean to heavier screaming.  It has a post heavy rock dystopic vibe driving the album’s theme.

28. Ian Blurton’s Future Now / Canada — “Second Skin”

Hard/Heavy Rock/Prog

1st off I don’t know Ian Blurton if indeed that is his name. In 2019 a really good album “Signal Through The Flames” by Ian Blurton stayed on my phone which doubles as my personal jukebox for well over a year…But now the band is called Ian Blurton’s Future Now. Anyways these crazy Canadians put together a fascinating blend of hard and heavy rock that is mostly melodic but musically at times complex but other times there are songs that you remember the 2nd time you hear them.  Clean production and sure sounds like some strong artists involved. Good accessible heavy rock!!

*BTW their debut album is NYP.  Grab it!!>>…/signals-through-the…

27. The Swell Fellas / Nashville  –   “Novaturia”

Heavy Psych

Ok what is with these names?  I must have passed over them on their last album which oh by the way also good.  Who knows could have been the name? Life is whacky.  This Nashville trio really did an amazing job with this massive heavy psych album. Just 5 songs and 1 of which is a 1 minute one in the middle.  There is a spaciness or airiness to their sound.  Production level with headphones gives the optimal experience.  Good vocals ….Folks this came from Nashville!  They are touring with King Buffalo in February.  What a great match. If you dig bands like KB, Elder, Elephant Tree, Weedpecker then you need to at least scope them out.  Maybe a little more unbridled but damn this is some good shit! Love to get them out to Vegas!

26. SATURNA  / Electric Monolith (Span)  –  

Turned to Stone: Chapter 4: Higher Selves

Ripple Music split series

The 4th installment of the Ripple Music split series Turned to Stone, we have an all Barcelona Spain matchup.  Ok some backstory to this….. I helped craft this together with Todd Severin of Ripple Music. Total kickass honor! Saturna who is one of 8 European bands to come over for the Planet Desert Rock Weekendv2 and I have much love for this very good hard/heavy rock band.  James Vieco on vocals/guitar is a force to be reconken with. On this release they took a more mellow tone but the quality is never in question.  Now Electric Monolith has a 70s retro vibe that tells you its time to boogie some. Absolutely dug their debut so once I sent to Todd to check out then boom we got this kickass band bringing the flashback city grooves that make ya move. Rock and roll is alive and well in Spain and these two bands represent the beautiful city of Barcelona so well.  You like old school guitar rock or the rock sensibilities of the 90s…… Give this album a taste all the way through!…/turned-to-stone…

25. THAL / Ohio  –  “Swarm the Madala”

Heavy Rock/ Metal

A Late in the year release by this Columbus Ohio duo of Vince Green and Kevin Hartnell.  These boys bring it with VInce’s deep strong vocals and heavy ass tone! All I can say is this album is powerful stuff.  You like your rock good and heavy but with vocals that are strong while not screaming…. this is the one!

TIE !!

25. Humanotone / Chile   – “A Flourishing Fall in a Grain of Sand”

Heavy Psych/ Progressive Rock

One proper listen to this album got me.  I hadn’t heard them before or at least that I recall.  This is some of this new cool new sound that seems to be more and more coming out.  Super cool production with musicianship throughout this 6 track and nearly one our long album.  Great mellow/melodic vocals but then some smattering of rougher here and there.  The depth to the songs is fantastic so much so that when you listen again you could even key in on different instruments.  This album is great for the Elder , King Buffalo, SLIFT, Weedpecker crowd.  This is an amazing piece of music.  Listen wtih good sound system or headphones.…/a-flourishing-fall-in…

24. Clutch / Maryland  –  “Sunrise on Slaughter Beach”

Heavy Rock / Blues based

Don’t yell at me! haha.  This is a damn good heavy rock album by one of the strongest rock bands around.  Their catalog packed with album after album of damn good music. This album is no different.  Neil Fallon‘s vocals have grown so well over the years from the early days of Beavis + Butthead. His soulful but power laden vocals exudes confidence and he delivers a passionate live performance every time I have caught them. Tim Sult continues to bring killer toned riffs as good as most anyone.  I feel bad now I have them this low but hey I am a sucker for the underdog.  

23. HAZEMAZE/ Sweden  –  “Blinded By the Wicked”


RIP Hazemaze as they called it quits a few months ago after giving us 3 really good doom/stoner albums!  Easily one of the best at this darker side of heavy rock that leans towards the almighty Sabbath without sounding like they were mimicking them.  This Swedish band not only had deep riffs but very good vocals. I guess we can only hope they come to their senses or keep everyone informed as to what the members are doing musically now.…/blinded-by-the-wicked

22.  Foot / Melbourne , Australia  –  “You Are Weightless”

Heavy/Stoner/Hard Rock/ Heavy Psych  

If you listen some to The Doomed & Stoned Show then you probably know not only do I really like this band but Billy Goate and Bucky do as well.  They are unique but yet familiar. Great melodic vocals but musically it feels 90s many times. Just feels way more connected to a sound many of us Gen X’ers liked about 90s rock. Their catalog is 3 albums deep and every one of them is a great album to explore and enjoy over and over.  Melbourne sure is a hotbed of damn good Aussie bands!

21. Sergeant Thunderhoof / Bath, U.K.  –  “This Scripted Veil”

Stoner/Heavy Rock    –  Pale Wizard Records

This is one steady rocking Brit band right here but this might be their best offering yet.  Vocals are super good and harkens back to an era of good singers. The album flows so good and they give us song after song of damn good stuff that will sound even better the next time to spin it.  Would love to see these guys live! This is good heavy rock music.  Spread the word!…/this…

20 Hydra/ Poland    –  “Beyond Life and Death”

Doom/Stoner  –  Piranha Music

From the moment this album kicks in with “Prophetic Dreams” you hear killer riffs and really good vocals.  The vocals remind me of David Draiman of Disturbed or Paul Stanley of Kiss and it is just works.  Their debut “From Light to Abyss” caught my attention immediately and this 5 song release will give doom and stoner fans something to feast on.

Album –>

19 Mezzoa / San Diego  –  “Dunes of Mars”

Stoner/Heavy Rock/Grunge  –   Iron Head Records/ Golden Robot

Back in 2017 or 2018 Kip Page from Formula 400 suggested I check out his friend’s band Mezzoa. Even back them a lot of folks would send stuff my way. I looked up the band and they had 30 fans maybe.  Nonetheless I checked it out and was hooked! Fast forward to 2022 and at this point Mezzoa has played quite a few Vegas Rock Revolution shows…and this album comes out.  This is a really good hard rock album that wonders in many different rock territories as they explore desert rock, psych, grunge , stoner and more.  The tunes are melodic and accessible.  Front man and main architect Nacho Maldonado pours his heart and soul into his tunes many times writing from a very personal level.  Check this album out and if you don’t know who they are then make sure to crank the debut as well!

Album –>…/dunes-of-mars-special…

18. Abrams / Denver  –   “In the Dark’

Heavy Rock/ Alternative Hard Rock  –   Small Stone Records

Small Stone Records didn’t have an active year and in fact had just one release but they sure made it count!  Abrams out of Denver pops out their 5th release in 2022 with a very cleanly produced album that really brings energy to each track.  Their sound has evolved clearly. Heck there is some alt rock vibes rollin here for sure. Frontman Zachary Amster who btw is the twin brother of Nebula‘s drummer Mike Amster … really shines on this release.  Good shit right here!


17. Surfsquatch / Mendocino  –  “Planet Neptune”

Heavy Rock/Stoner  

In 2021 Surfsquatch released their debut to not a ton of fanfare but I sure the hell noticed.  This band isn’t normal… it’s a band that has noticeably easy lyrics to understand and blends all types of rock genres together.  Lyrics many times paint a picture like the bit more mellow track “Blacked Out Again” which seemingly is about the cycle one can go through in life while partying. The vocal style is mellow and maybe a little like Chris Goss’s from Masters of Reality.  This band is a small band in the bigger picture as they are in a very small area in NoCal but tell you what…..this and their debut will remain in my rotation.


16. HALF Gramme of SOMA / Greece  –  “Slip Through the Cracks”

Heavy Rock/Stoner/Heavy Psych    –   Sounds of Liberation

What would a year end list be without a band from Greece in it?  This is a follow up album to their last album in 2017 “Groove is Black” and boy did they deliver a magnificent piece right here. Produced by George Leodis who has been part of some amazing releases by 1000mods and Nightstalker does an exemplary job.  Speaking of 1000mods… there is a definite vibe on a few songs.  No doubt some 90s influence on this album and I tell you what….that is a good thing.  I love this album and easily could have been higher up. Something special over there in the Greek Rock scene!

Album –>…/slip-through…

15. Nebula/ California Desert   –  “Transmission From Mother Earth”

Heavy Psych/ Desert    –    Heavy Psych Sounds

Nebula has been part of the heavy underground every since Eddie Glass departed Fu Manchu in 1997. On this psychedelic trip of an album the power trio delivers Eddie’s tripped out next vision of sorts. I must admit this album was a grower on me. The vocals are a but set back but the music swirls all around you as the adventure jams out in your headphones. There are a few points where I feel like Eddie was channeling a little bit of Kurt Cobain. Excited to have them playing VRR Presents:Planet Desert Rock Weekend III w/ John Garcia/Nebula  – January 20+21 in Las Vegas  which will be their 2nd appearance in the Planet Desert Rock Weekend series.  Catch these cats live!

Album –>…/nebula…

14. Psychlona / United Kingdom  –  “Palo Verde”

Stoner Rock/ Heavy Psych      

3 times the charm for these Brits as they give us a 3rd album since their inception in 2018.  Each album feels like a new experience but yet has a common thread of a sound to it.  They blend stoner sound with psych effects and tones all throughout.  This is the kind of album you will revisited often after hearing it.  Had the pleasure to catch them two times at Psycho Vegas which for us Americans is a pure threat to see an overseas band.  Fantastic live band as well. Cheers guys!

Album –>

13 JIRM / Sweden   –   “The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam”

Heavy Psych/ Progressive     –   Ripple Music

As a massive fan of JIRM or formerly known as Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus, I was pumped up to link Ripple Music with this very talented Swedish band.  Their catalog is full of differing styles from one album to another but a couple things are always consistent…amazing vocals and musicianship. This album veers in a far darker direction from their previous album “Surge Ex Momumentis”.  Really dark…..perfect for an album that was created during the Covid era. Their video for “Liquid Covenant” encapsulates where many people’s minds have gone.  I will never forget when Micke P Backendal sent me over the masters to hear and he said we didn’t plan on making it have such an epic sound to it but I guess we couldn’t help ourselves.  The album feels big. This is one to take in several times and do it when you can give it the proper attention it deserves. Can’t wait to see what is next from these talented Swedes!

Album — >…/the-tunnel-the-well-holy…

13. El Perro / Iowa   –    “Hair of “

Heavy retro psych/ Psych funk    –  Alive Naturalsound Records

Life can be pretty neat sometimes!  Once such time was that I had the good fortune of having El Perro play their first show on one of my Vegas Rock Revolution Presents as they opened for Brant Bjork.  This is Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow fame’s new band and he has funked things up!  Parker is a primetime player and is considered by many as one of the best heavy psych guitarists in the world. El Perro features a 2nd guitarist and 2nd percussionist to the fold that gives them a fuller sound and more groove to their jams.  Such an outstanding 70s vibe gives you all you need to keep wanting to play them again and again.  Catch them live and you will see for yourself!

Album –>

12. Kaiser (Finland) / Captain Caravan (Norway)  – “Turned to Stone: Chapter 6”

Stoner/Heavy Rock     –   Ripple Music

Ok let me get this outta the way.  I put this excellent split together for Todd Severin of Ripple Music. Todd is the man! Both Kaiser + Captain Caravan came over to the States for Planet Desert Rock Weekendv2 and I am a big believer in these Scandanavian bands.  Kaiser brings their heavy fuzzness led by the ultra talented Otu Suurmunne who also does some amazing YouTube mashups of songs BTW. Their side comes out firing and includes an epic track at the end of the album that clocks in at over 9 mins long.  Captain Caravan evolves their sound on their side as a great follow up to their debut album from a few years back.  Some may not realize but guitarist Bjørn Kristian Sæstad previously played in the stoner rock band Pawnshop. This album is great for folks who dig damn good heavy or stoner rock!  Ripple Music continues to put out top shelf stuff in this great split series!

Album –>…/turned-to-stone…

11. Elder / Germany   –  “Innate Passage”

Heavy Psych     –  Stickman Records

The evolution of Elder has been a cool thing to watch.  The band actually started in Boston but frontman moved to Berlin and kept the band going.  Their sound was heavier and a bit rougher early on and then Lore came out.  Many of us were officially blown away. They have continued their journey since using different styles and textures on each album.  This album is a smooth flowing album that  might quench your thirst a bit more than the previous two releases.  All 5 tracks suck you in and then sweep you up like a magic carpet.  I got to see them twice at Psycho Vegas and they are on top of their game as they have added a new member to the band as well. Their popularity is continuing to grow and this style of psych really is emerging as its own branch of heavy psych.  

Album  –>

10. WARLUNG / Houston    –  “Vulture’s Paradise”

Heavy Rock/ Stoner          –   HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS

Warlung steps to the plate in 2022 and knocks it out of the ballpark like hometeam Houston Astros who snagged a World Series ring!  Out standing delivery of their 4th album and 2nd on Heavy Psych.  This album feels a bit heavier and darker toned but still maintains the melodicness that makes them a high riser in the scene.  2 guitar action always highlights Warlung albums along with great vocals including harmonies!  Dare I say I even sniffed a little Uncle Acid in a song or two.  And oh yeah…..See them live!  They head to Europe for the 1st time ever very soon!

Bandcamp –>

We have a tie at #9 !

9. Valley of the Sun / Cincinnati   –  “The Chariot”

Heavy Rock/ Desert/ Stoner       – Fuzzorama Records / Ripple Music

Valley of the Sun has been a strong reputation for bringing to the table very good heavy rock that is easy to take in. Frontman Ryan Ferrier and his vocal style is so strong and at times harkens back to John Garcia in his delivery.  For me this album strikes more of a chord than the last one and continues to help build them as a band ready to take on more fans…lots more …. as more people get turned onto their stuff! This album is on Fuzzorama and Ripple Music.  Funny enough Todd Severin met these guys while at Planet Desert Rock Weekend.

Bandcamp –>

9. Deadly Vipers / France

“Low City Drone”

Desert rock/ stoner/heavy rock   –  Fuzzorama Records

Yep 2 Fuzzorama albums tied for #9!  In case you didn’t know…Fuzzorama is owned by the guys in Truckfighters!  Following up the outstanding 2017 “Fueltronaught” , this album continues to show the growth in this French band. All 8 songs are packed with a variety of stuff going on and the vocals shine as well as the magnificent guitar tone.  Sure hope they get out there a bunch and tour in Europe and of course we would love a Truckfighters/ Valley of the Sun/ Deadly Vipers tour… that would sure do well for all involved!

Bandcamp –>

8. Samavayo / Germany  –  “Payan

Heavy Rock/ Stoner

14 albums deep this band is…..and yet many of you are just now finding out about this top shelf band.  I for one got into them about 5 or 6 albums ago and have enjoyed their creativity to each and every release.  Following up their last 2 releases which were both very good and their heaviest, this time they stay heavy but in a different vibe and gives us some psychedelic textures as well.  The album’s leadoff track “Afghan Sky’ has Nick DiSalvo from Elder guesting on it and is one of the standout tracks but my fav is likely “Transcend! Exceed! ”  As with most of their albums they have a track featuring a song in Persian which is the native language of frontman Behrang Alavi.   Also on the album is Tommi Holappa ( Greenleaf/ Dozer ) , Igor Sydorenko ( Stoned Jesus) and Will Paschen ( COOGANS BLUFF).  Haven’t heard of this band or dug into them before?  You’re welcome!   Let’s get these guys to the states!!

Bandcamp –>

7. Fostermother/ Houston   –   “The Ocean”

Doom/ Heavy Rock   –  

Ripple Music

A very early 2022 release never left my rotation as Fostermother says screw off to the sophomore slump with a huge album.  The band evolved into more of a 4 piece as the year went on and they are very good live as well.  The songs sometimes have a 90s influence vibe in them but also a very new wave of doom that kinda centers it. This band started from the mind of Travis Weatherred as he wrote the debut and performed most of it by himself.  His somber vocals fit like a glove with their tones. And wow! 2 bands from Houston in the top 10!

Bandcamp –>

6. Planet of the 8s + Duneeater/ Melbourne Australia

Turned to Stone: Chapter 5  – Ripple Music

Desert Rock/ Stoner

Ok yes I set this album up and I am damn proud of it. I wanted to put these two great Aussie desert rock bands together and found out in the process the two bands know each other very well. Planet of the 8s has two full lengths to their credit previously and an EP they put out last year that was my short player of the year.  They are more on the Queens of the Stone Age side of desert while Duneeater is like the love baby of Kyuss and Fu Manchu.  Their debut album placed towards the very top of my year end list and is still cranked in the car when I need some pumping up.  This split is designed kinda cool with a track that carries over from one side to the other seamlessly.  Planet gives us two very chunky songs along with instrumental outros/ intro while Duneeater gives us 4 straight bangers to get ya movie.  This year has been humbling as I helped get 4 or 5 albums out to the world!  Sure would like to hang, rock and party with these wild animals.  The legend of Duneeater vocalist Diesel/ Michael Doleman continues to grow and JC from Poft8’s sure plays a mean guitar.

Bandcamp –>…/turned-to-stone-chapter-v

5. Steak/ London, U.K.  – “Acute Mania”

Heavy rock   –   Ripple Music

Steak took a while to get this badboy out as they actually scrapped some earlier sessions and went back to the drawing board.  The final output is something of a departure from their usual luxurious fuzztastic sound to a more cleanly produced album that is their most creative one yet.  Vocalist Kip really shines and steps up further from an already highly regarded style to sing so amazingly in unison with Reece Tee’s guitar playing that really drives much of the album.  There are other times you can hear cool bass intro that flashes back to Tool a bit and later tappy tap of percussion on the song/video for “Papa’s Special Custard”.  The vocals don’t kick in until 3:50 into the song.  The video is comic book style featuring each of the band members with a character. It’s one of the coolest videos I have ever seen and then they put out the video “Ancestors” which utilizes the short film ” Mad Lord – Samurai of 1000 Death” as part of the action.  Truly is such an amazing piece of art these guys have done and is the most adventurous release from a full package for 2022. And oh yeah they are coming over to play John Garcia w/ special guests Steak (U.K.)/ Formula 400/Mojave Sun Live at Count’s Vamp’d-Jan 20 for a one night only performance in America as part of VRR Presents:Planet Desert Rock Weekend III w/ John Garcia/Nebula  – January 20+21 in Las Vegas   in Las Vegas  .

** Also they had their Facebook page hacked so give them some love and follow/like their page as they had to start over!

Bandcamp — > 

Spotify –>… 

Video –>

Video –>

4. Sasquatch / USA   – “Fever Fantasy “

Heavy Rock/Stoner/ Hard Rock  

Sasquatch continues to be one of two bands that every single one of their releases are stellar.  IF you like guitar driven rock that has clean- strong vocals and amazing guitar tone then you likely already love and know this power trio.  On this album they wander off some to utilize some organ/synths but does nothing to take away from the pure genius of song creation that frontman/guitarist Keith Gibbs.  This guy is the real deal. His lyrics are understandable and relatable and he knows how to do rock vocals the way ones ears want it.  My favorite track is likely or currently “Lilac”. They are the kind of band I introduce normies to so they can understand the best rock music is not provided by the radio or massive record labels.  This is ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL.  Hopefully next album gets out there a bit quicker as they had t deal with covid and supply chain issues.  My guess Keith is already thinking or writing his next rockers.

Bandcamp –>

Spotify –>…

Video –>

3. King Buffalo/ New York   – “Regenerator”

Heavy Psych  

Possibly the hottest band in the underground this power trio popped out 3 albums during the Covid Era and they saved the best for last or at least in my humble opinion. They are now playing theatres many times as continue to journey around the world playing their amazingly cool style of psych.  I have enjoyed them since hearing their demo way back when and watching them grow has been amazing. Their atmospheric stylings and composition never cease to draw me in. I believe this album ended up being #1 on The Doom Charts for 2022. Frontman Sean McVay is just simply amazing and the drums/ beat of many of the tracks has an hypnotic effect.

Bandcamp –>

Spotify –>…

 Video –> 

2 Sons of Arrakis / Canada  – “Volume 1”

Heavy Rock/Stoner/Proto  

Since my very 1st listen to the first song I heard from these French Canadians…I have championed these guys.  They are doing something different but yet has familiarities to them enough to keep people’s attention on the songs.  Vocalist/ guitarist Frédéric Couture formerly of The Hazytones has created an album ripe with imagination while still getting your head bobbing and feet tapping. Sons of Arrakis is actually Dune themed also which just throws more intrigue into their music and vision. I have had the good fortune to worked with these guys and totally believe in Fred and all that he is doing up their in Montreal.  Eric Varasifsky of STONER ROCK ARMY had his fellow French Canadians at the top of his year end list. Can’t wait to hear what is next!  And yes let’s get you boys down to Vegas!  One album and they are already at over 9,000 monthly on Spotify!

Bandcamp –>

Spotify –>…

Video –> 

Video –>

1.  Freedom Hawk / Virginia Beach  – “Take All You Can”

Stoner Rock/ Heavy Rock   –  Ripple Music

The Hawk has landed the #1 spot on Vegas Rock Revolution’s End of the Year list and boy do they guys deserve it!  Like Sasquatch, every one of their releases is primo heavy rock that should be played all around the world. The boys created an album that now only features their 2 guitar attack but has songs ranging from the mellow “Desert Song” to moody “Comin’ Home’ to an almost Iron Maiden like stadium rocker “From the Inside Out” and of course the lead off track “Age of the Idiot” is the quintessential heavy rocking song speaking of what is happening in the world. Frontman T.R. Morton conjures his inner Ozzy to really kick ass vocally. This 9 track album is a must buy for people who really enjoy heavy rocking stuff that sticks in your head.  A spin or two later you will know the songs and look forward to rocking it again or wake up with one of these tunes in your head.   And they are a force live as well.  If you haven’t explored them before ….then you are about to get a massive wakeup call because Freedom Hawk flies high above the rest.

Bandcamp –> 

Spotify –>…

Video –>

Video –>

Playlist of Vegas Rock Revolution’s Top 50 Albums of 2022 

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