Doom Charts – 2022 Favorites – Ben Bellum

One of the new members joining the Doom Charts in September 2022 was Ben Bellum. Responsible for The Greatest Thing You’ve Never Heard, which has a Podcast and Facebook site. He’s written some cool blurbs about EDENA GARDENS, HIGH WARDEN, THE TEMPLE, SON CESANO, CANDLEMASS, ONSEGEN ENSEMBLE, SIGH, SUMERLANDS, COLOUR HAZE, MUTAUTU, AVATARIUM & SLEEPBOT. But will we see any of those back in his list of 20 Favorite albums of 2022? Let’s take a look!

“Oh man, 2022. Crap year for the world, but a great year for music and a great year for the big umbrella of underground heavy that includes doom, stoner, psych, sludge, etc. This was the year that really established the 2020s as a sonic force, the year that all that pent up pandemic creativity finally paid off, the year we all got to go back to shows again. Honestly, the best year for new music in at least the last five. There’s a lot to love here, and I put together roughly 125 of my favorite albums from which the top 20 has been excerpted here. Take a listen to these if you haven’t heard them, and check out the records mentioned by the other contributors. If you haven’t found something great, you haven’t been paying attention. Alright! On with it…”

20. Onsegen Ensemble – Realms

19. Gaupa – Myriad

18. Wo Fat – The Singularity

17. Critical Extravastion – Order of Decadence

16. Mythosphere – Pathological

15. Edena Gardens – Edena Gardens

14. Mondo Infiel – Poliedros

13. Birth – Born

12. CB3 – Exploration

11. Caustic Casanova – Glass Enclosed Nerve Center

10. Colour Haze – Sacred

9. Gambardella – Caracas

8. Gnome – King

7. Moura – Axexan/Espreitan

6. Son Cesano – Emerge

5. Elder – Innate Passage

4. King Buffalo – Regenerator

3. Sigh – Shiki

2. Messa – Close

1. 40 Watt Sun – Perfect Light

~ Ben Bellum (The Greatest Thing You’ve Never Heard)



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