Doom Charts – 2021 Favorites – Thierry ‘Pumpkin-T’ François

It’s his birthday today! Congratulations to ‘Pumpkin-T’ ! Crazy Thierry ‘Pumpkin-T’ François joined the Doom Chart Contributors back in August of 2021 and has been a golden asset to the Charts. You’ve seen his blurbs , you know about his Métal Intégral and now you get to see his favorite albums of 2021. A great list of twenty albums that all deserve to played over and over and over ’till the clock strikes twelve and a few of us might turn into something weird, wild and wicked! And I’m not saying that Mr. Pumpkin-T is one of those few! But just to be on the safe side, let’s wish him the best for 2022 and get familiar with his favorite albums! Cause after all, music soothes even the savage of beasts…

20. High Desert Queen – The Secrets Of The Black Moon

While listening to Secrets Of The Black Moon I savor an energetic cocktail of big fuzz coated riffs, warm melodic vocals, and superb instrumental jams. TSOTBM has also my favorite cover of the Year!

19. Shiva The Destructor – Find The Others

Find The Others is a magnificent contemporary and nostalgic reinterpretation of the hippie movement, an initiatory journey through the history of psychedelia – it is also one of the most perfect mixes that my ears have ever tasted.

18. 10,000 Years – II

The Swedish guys of 10,000 Years play a spicy emulsion of sludge, stoner and doom. It’s a real raw album as I like.

17. Canyyn – Canyyn

Canyyn’s 3 boys probably rehearse their primitive metal songs in a cave. Their music is a kind of delicious proto-metal heavy blues.

16. Anatomy Of Habit – Even If It Takes A Life Time

40 minutes and only 3 tracks. 40 minutes of impressionist post-punk with a singer with a deep and warm voice.

15. Doctor Smoke – The Dreamers And The Dead

What can I say ? Dreamers And The Dead is a wonderful occult heavy metal album.

14. Gynoid – The Hunger Artist Show

This is not politically correct rock! Between noise and sludge, this album conveys extremely violent feelings. Psychoses and social disturbances are attacked by an exceptional singer-actor.

13. Elefant Talk – Elefant Talk

Elefant Talk is a stoner rock duo who plays powerful music. What is awesome is the richness and amplitude of a sound composed only by a voice, a bass and a drums.

12. Kesem – Post Terra

Kesem’s unclassifiable concept album synthesizes many musical genres from punk rock to heavy prog. Post Terra is a magical journey!

11. Indigo Raven – Looking For Transcendence

If you enjoy shamanic doom metal, this album is for you. The French band plays doom riffs with a great woman voice on it, something like Trouble meeting This Mortal Coil.

10. Crown Lands – White Buffalo

A great heavy prog rock duo from Canada. If the Doom Charts was a Hit Parade, “The Oracle” could be #1 song of 2021! White Buffalo EP!

9. The Matterhorn Project – Traveler

Mr Zahari Tzigularof, multi-instrumentalist, is behind this one-man band. The beauty of dark poetry is accompanied by music that is extended from post-rock to heavy metal.

8. Queen(Ares) – From This Ground From This Sea

Wow! Here’s the 1st album of this French band and my beloved and darkest post-metal album of the year.

7. Paralyzed – Paralyzed

The German boys of Paralyzed play a delicious dark and down-tuned doom metal. Choose it on CD or choose it on vinyl but choose it!

6. Wolfnaut – III

Remember Wolfgang is now : Wolfnaut ! Their riffing and catchy heavy rock is somewhere between stoner and heavy metal.

5. Messerschmitt – Oh Death

Oh Death is a piece of pure tribal stoner rock… Rhythm! Rhythm and rhythm with two pounding drummers.

4. Old Man Wizard – Kill Your Servants Quietly

So sweet and clever heavy prog album ! This is their last and ultimate long play, but fortunately not the end of the band.

3. Mad Chicken – Chicken Of The Grave

This album from the Brazilian mad chicken is a bones-crushin’n’mind-blowin’ rock! I dig it so much!

2. King Buffalo – The Burden Of Restlessness

There’s no need to introduce the famous King Buffalo. This album is my favorite of the band, maybe their heaviest one. A great slice of melodic heavy psych rock.

1. Cavern Deep – Cavern Deep

This album is the doomest album of the year. It’s a concept album which leads you into a fantastic underground adventure.

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