Doom Charts 2020 Favorites – Bob “Mr. Weirdbeard” Baker

Music has been my refuge and comfort this year more than any other in my living memory. The lockdowns and restrictions placed upon us during the Covid-19 pandemic have denied us all of so many of life’s pleasures, but the community spirit within the Heavy Underground has remained undimmed. I have forged new friendships and strengthened existing ones (albeit virtually) whilst discovering countless new bands, record labels, radio shows and podcasts.

I feel a couple of organizations deserve a special mention. Bandcamp’s monthly fee free Friday’s provided a much needed financial boost to bands unable to tour and perform live, which in turn led to many artists donating part or all of their proceeds to social justice causes and charities dear to their hearts. A fantastic initiative which further cemented Bandcamp as the number one place to buy music in my opinion.

Secondly, here in the UK the Music Venue Trust has been working tirelessly to help raise the millions of pounds needed to prevent the permanent closure of hundreds of grassroots music venues around the nation. You can find out more at

I have whittled down the hundreds of albums and EPs that have brought me joy this year to a top 40, presented to you in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Bob ‘Mr. Weirdbeard’ Baker – More Fuzz Podcast

Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

All Them Witches – Nothing as the Ideal
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Psych)

Bible Basher – Loud Wailing
(Metal, Doom, Sludge)

Black Elephant – Seven Swords
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Fuzz)

Black Helium – The Wholly Other
(Heavy Rock, Psych, Stoner)

Black Spirit Crown – Gravity
(Doom, Metal, Stoner)

Bone Church – Acid Communion
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Blues)

Cobra Thief – Animal Oxygen
(Desert Rock, Space Rock, Metal)

Desert Storm – Omens
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Doom)

DÖ – Black Hole Mass
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

Dopelord – Sign of the Devil
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

Elder – Omens
(Heavy Rock, Psychedelic, Prog)

Elephant Tree – Habits
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Doom)

Fu Manchu – Fu30, Pt. 1
(Fuzz, Stoner, Heavy Rock)

Geezer – Groovy
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Psych)

Green Druid – At the Maw of Ruin
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

Hail the Void – Hail the Void
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

Hovenweep – Salvian Journey
(Doom, Psych, Stoner)

Humulus – The Deep
(Doom, Metal, Stoner)

KIND – Mental Nudge
(Heavy Rock, Doom, Psych)

King Buffalo – Dead Star
(Doom, Metal, Psych)

Kingnomad – Sagan Om Rymden
(Doom, Metal, Prog)

Kryptograf – Kryptograf
(Heavy Rock, Fuzz, Blues)

Lowrider – Refractions
(Heavy Rock, Fuzz, Stoner)

OHHMS – Close
(Metal, Prog, Doom)

PINK CIGS – Pink Cigs
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Psych)

Possessor – Damn The Light
(Heavy Metal, Horror, Sludge)

Psychlona – Venus Skytrip
(Desert Rock, Psych, Stoner)

Red Spektor – Heart of the Renewed Sun
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Psych)

REZN – Chaotic Divine
(Doom, Metal, Psych)

Ritual King – Ritual King
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Psych)

Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle
(Desert Rock, Garage Rock, Stoner)

Stonebirds – Collapse and Fail
(Heavy Rock, Doom, Metal)

Sun Crow – Quest For Oblivion
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Doom)

Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Blues)

The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg
(Heavy Rock, Metal, Doom)

The Heavy Eyes – Love Like Machines
(Heavy Rock, Blues, Psych)

Vitskär Süden – Vitskär Süden
(Doom, Psych, Stoner)

Wolftooth – Valhalla
(Metal, Doom, Stoner)

Yawning Man – Live at Giant Rock
(Desert Rock, Stoner, Psych)

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