Doom Charts 2020 Favorites – Doomsday Jesus

Doomsday Jesus who writes and reviews at Doomed and Stoned as well as podcasts with Into the Void Podcast, brings us his favorite albums from this crazy year.

  1. Electric Hydra-Electric Hydra

  2. Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle-May Our Chambers Be Full

  3. Novarupta- Marine Snow

  4. Elder-Omens

  5. Hällas -Conundrum

  6. Steve Von Till-No Wilderness Deep Enough

  7. Lowrider-Refractions

  8. Covenspell- Circle of 13

  9. Dopelord-Sign Of The Devil

  10. Kvll-Death/Sacrifice

  11. Ockultist-Festering Wounds

  12. Occlith- Gates,Doorways and Endings

  13. Sleepwulf-Sleepwulf

  14. Bonehawk- Iron Mountain

  15. End-Splinters From an Ever-Changing Face

  16. Huanastone-Third Stone From The Sun

  17. Malsten- The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill

  18. Hymn-Breach Us

  19. Bongtower-Oscilator

  20. Pallbearer-Forgotten Days

  21. Slift-Ummon

  22. Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin-Stygian Bough

  23. Weed Demon-Crater Maker

  24. Convocation-Ashes Coalesce

  25. Vinnum Sabbathi-Of Dimensions And Theories

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