LAS TRUMIEN – G​Ł​Ó​D ZABIJANIA Piranha Music released the fourth LAS TRUMIEN at the end of March! It’s called G​Ł​Ó​D ZABIJANIA and is this Friday Freebie’s murder themed sludge and doom album. We should have one of those every Friday Freebie session, right? Filthy, gritty, grimy, doomy hardrock and sludgy metal… Raw and intense, perfect […]



SEUM – BLUEBERRY CASH Another Friday Freebie? What the hell! Yes, another one! This time it’s SEUM, who just released their new DOUBLE DOUBLE album and decided to give away a 100 codes for the one that came before… Namely: BLUEBERRY CASH! The three-track album was released last year, April 20th and featuring three tracks… […]


Friday Freebie – Cryptophaser

CRYPTOPHASER – IIXX Some are already drinking bourbon while listening to all this Friday Freebie madness… And some are eating popcorn… Both will fit well with this next album… They’re two parts of the Flying Vipers, Destroy Babylon and we believe many other projects and bands; they’re identical twins and they rock out as a […]

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Doom Charts – August 2022

“In Brody’s dreams, deep water was populated by slimy, savage things that rose from below and shredded his flesh, by demons that cackled and moaned.” ~ Peter Benchley, Jaws It’s about setting the scene. The dead body in the hotel room. Foreboding music. It’s about the unexpected. About the weird, the wild, and The Cursed […]

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Doom Charts – April 2022

“The bigger, the better… In Everything” Freddy Mercury Festival season is upon us! Finally! Oh, how we missed all those live shows… Which means many of the Contributors are out of bounce and bouncing hard to all those heavy tunes everywhere! Don’t worry, they all delivered their votes; but perhaps the blurbs are written by […]

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