Friday Freebie – Cavem3n

CAVEM3N – A PREHISTORIC ANTHOLOGY Sure thing, that December Peroration Post will go up today! And perhaps another Freebie? Or two? Either way, we’ve got more in store! And after that, we continue on with the Personal Favorites Lists! Released August 2022, these ten tracks are a collection of earlier released EP’s … Andy Kovalcik […]

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Doom Charts – August 2022

“In Brody‚Äôs dreams, deep water was populated by slimy, savage things that rose from below and shredded his flesh, by demons that cackled and moaned.” ~ Peter Benchley, Jaws It’s about setting the scene. The dead body in the hotel room. Foreboding music. It’s about the unexpected. About the weird, the wild, and The Cursed […]

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