Thammuz Thursday

THAMMUZ – SONS OF THE OCCULT Welcome to the one and only and probably the only one to ever exist… It’s THAMMUZ Thursday! A world wide day of celebrations for that rocking foursome from the Netherlands called THAMMUZ. And this time around we celebrate that world wide holiday with some FREE codes for that kick […]

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Friday Freebie – Luciferica

LUCIFERICA – A CRUEL TASTE OF DEATH Will this be the final Friday Freebie of today? There are still quite a few more hours to go… And we could all move to Hawaii!! Will we end this incredible roll of codes for incredible releases with a severly punishing album? Cause this is not for the […]

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Friday Freebie – Dixie Goat

DIXIE GOAT – A DECADE OF THE GOAT (Live at MiBar) Don’t… Stop… Me… Now! Cause I’m having a Friday Freebie good time! And it’s time to pay some attention to the decade that has passed, A Decade Of The Goat! Which conveniently is also the name of the new album by DIXIE GOAT. Released […]

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Friday Freebie – Cryptophaser

CRYPTOPHASER – IIXX Some are already drinking bourbon while listening to all this Friday Freebie madness… And some are eating popcorn… Both will fit well with this next album… They’re two parts of the Flying Vipers, Destroy Babylon and we believe many other projects and bands; they’re identical twins and they rock out as a […]

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Friday Freebie – Lust Witch

LUST WITCH – WE ALL DIE ALONE We got a thing for Witches… How about you? Anyway… The Friday Freebie train keeps a rollin’… This here post is for the Indianapolis three named LUST WITCH. Their debut four-track EP came out in September and is called We All Die Alone. Black, death, doom and sludge […]

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Friday Freebie – Witchsnake

WITCHSNAKE – WITCHSNAKE Hi there, you still with us? Cause we’re still rumbling further with these Friday Freebie codes. And we’ve got another lovely release for you all. It arrived in September and made it to Number 16 of the September Doom Charts. We’re talking about the Italian scuzzy, fuzzy, stoner, doom duo of WITCHSNAKE […]

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